GreyOrange and Conveyer & Caster Team Up to Accelerate Intelligent Automation

Partnership provides leading edge solutions to strengthen customer fulfillment capabilities

ATLANTA, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GreyOrange, a global leader in AI-enabled software and robotics for modern fulfillment, today announced a strategic partnership with Conveyer & Caster, experts in material handling solutions. Together, the two companies will enable automated robotic fulfillment for their customers’ warehouses and distribution centers, with a focus on intelligent intralogistics.

“Modern warehouses and distribution centers face difficult intralogistics challenges, including a nationwide labor shortage and decreasing employee retention, all while balancing increasingly demanding SLAs with employee and product safety,” said Jeff Stohr, CEO at Conveyer & Caster.

Conveyer & Caster has an extensive network of material handling implementations throughout the Midwestern United States, and the partnership makes GreyOrange’s AI-driven GreyMatter™ Fulfillment Operating System and Ranger™ robot series available to its extended customer base. The combined solutions continuously prioritize decisions and workflows to efficiently orchestrate tasks, time and teams of people and robots for optimum performance across a distribution center. Real-time data is fed into always-solving algorithms that calculate each next-best decision, whether solving for every-day performance or solving for peak period commitments. Harnessing these algorithms enables the partners to solve intralogistics-specific applications for their customers, including automated dock-to-stock, cross docking, stock-to-active and recycling or trash flows for loads up to 2200lbs.

“We’re seeing a shift where operators are embracing smart and flexible automation to augment their capabilities, improve employee safety and dynamically transform their warehouses to keep up with customer demand,” continued Stohr. “This strategically important collaboration allows us to address these concerns, in order to provide our customers with the best available solutions.”

“Conveyer & Caster has been providing customers with storage and handling solutions that improve material flow for more than 60 years, and we’re proud to be central to their evolving robotics and automation strategy,” said Lesley Simmonds, Vice President, Global Business Development & Alliances at GreyOrange. “Disruption is coming from every direction. Flexible and scalable automation solutions will not only increase capacity, accuracy and throughput, the technology and data will be key to companies achieving their growth targets.”

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