Ration Cannabis & AMVETS HEAL Announce Partnership and Filming of Docuseries

The partnership will help veterans gain access to necessary support within the cannabis industry.

BOSTON, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ration Company, LLC (“Ration” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with AMVETS HEAL, an organization dedicated to ensuring veterans with medical needs receive help and access to necessary health services at no cost. This partnership is the first of its kind in the cannabis industry, creating a collaborative and robust strategy to expand access and destigmatize cannabis for veterans.

Veterans return from active duty with memories of hardships faced and guilt from missing out on major milestones. These factors contribute to increased rates of PTSD, depression and suicide risk among veterans. In response, Ration and AMVETS HEAL are forging a partnership to help steer veterans in a positive direction and remedy these invisible wounds. As one of their first efforts, Ration and AMVETS HEAL will be filming a docuseries that will follow 22 veterans on diverse paths to overcome adversity through alternative lifestyles and therapeutic approaches — truly highlighting first-hand accounts of cannabis helping veterans in need.

Believing that cannabis access and veteran healthcare should not be mutually exclusive, the partnership will aim to reshape the stigma surrounding cannabis and increase veteran access to alternative therapeutic options. To this end, Ration is planning to collaborate with AMVETS HEAL to facilitate formal studies seeking to identify effective integrations of combined therapies such as fitness, psychology, and appropriate pharmacology.

This partnership takes place as Chief Strategy Officer of The American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine (AJEM) Scott Rudder and Chief Medical Officer of AMVETS HEAL Cherissa Jackson join Ration as Strategic Advisors. Ration focuses on cost-accessible cannabis and social responsibility. In a statement, Jackson expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “As both a veteran and clinician, I’m confident in my new role as Strategic Advisor. This will allow me to further cater to the specific needs of veterans and help them work through the challenges they’ve faced on and off the battlefield both mentally and physically — as well as continue to advocate for access to much-needed healthcare solutions.”

Ration Cannabis Founder & CEO Chris Michaud said about the partnership, "Ration is truly honored and extremely excited to partner with the AMVETS HEAL program. Our work together will result in functional tools and resources for promoting the use of alternative and progressive therapies for PTSD, reduction of substance abuse, and much more."

About Ration Cannabis:
Ration Company, LLC (“Ration”) or (“the Company”) unites customers and businesses in order to make a collective difference. Ration is committed to giving back by actively supporting nonprofit organizations, emergency service workers, military personnel and veterans. The company is dedicated to the development of innovative resources and alternative progressive therapies to best serve our nation’s heroes.

Ration’s products are built for purpose, promoting healthier consumption habits that enhance the situations they are designed for. The Company’s products are health-forward, incorporating natural ingredients with clinically-proven supplements and nootropics.

For more information about Ration, visit their website at https://rationcannabis.com/.

AMVETS HEAL (“AMVETS”) is driven to meet the unique needs of veterans by identifying resources to improve the efficiency of healthcare services and implementing solution-centered approaches to resolve issues concerning members of the veteran community. AMVETS is rooted in advocacy and actively works alongside professionals within the Department of Veterans Affairs to accommodate veteran needs such as mental health treatment and suicide prevention.

For more information about AMVETS HEAL, visit https://amvetshealprogram.org/.

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