AirBox Introduces AirBox Smart Fleet Management, a Wireless Multi-Unit Control Center, Powered by PureAware

New Smart Fleet Management capabilities will now be available in June 2021 for AirBox Air Purifier’s portable plug-in Peak Series air purifiers, allowing customers to control and monitor multiple air purifiers from a single dashboard on a computer, tablet, or smartphone

Austin, TX, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AirBox Air Purifier (AirBox), which manufactures and markets premier commercial-grade portable plug-in air purifiers, has entered into a partnership with PureAware, the world’s only portable air purifier fleet management solution.  Through this partnership AirBox will equip their Peak Series units with a small, embedded PureAware wireless monitor that will allow facilities management teams to control all of their AirBox units from one dashboard. 

This technology allows users to set purifier schedules based on room occupancy, monitor duration until needed filter replacement, monitor respiratory aerosol loads using CO2 sensors, and monitor other air quality variables like room temperature and humidity.  Additionally, the air purifiers can be controlled remotely and send notifications for filter changes or complications.

The new smart fleet feature is easy to use and offers multiple advantages to the customer and facilities operations teams:

  • Reduced filter costs related to air purifier run time and occupancy-based scheduling
  • Occupancy-based scheduling extends the life of your filters by turning the AirBox units on only when needed. Each environment is different in terms of the amount and types of pollutants present that can load your filters, therefore, realizing reduced filter costs will vary depending on the environment
  • Reduced energy costs with occupancy-based scheduling
  • Easy filter replacement tracking for the entire fleet with timely alerts
  • Cellular connectivity for seamless installation and secure, reliable connection 
  • Scheduling options to allow administrators options to control all purifiers, groups of purifiers, or individual units
  • Optional manual override feature for teacher or administration control

The AirBox Peak Series units will be the first of AirBox’s product offering to be equipped with this technology. AirBox and PureAware plan to extend this capability to all AirBox series in the near future. 

“WellAware is excited to partner with AirBox to extend our Industrial monitoring capabilities and expertise into a new market,” said John McDonald, WellAware Head of Product. "It was our goal to build an easy to use, Smart Management platform that makes optimizing large, distributed air purification systems simple and more effective, and we are pleased with the outcomes customers are experiencing with Airbox."

“With the numerous customers we have purchasing fleets of air purifiers to keep their buildings healthy, we saw an immediate need for a Smart Management system like this,” said AirBox VP of Sales and Safe Air Plan expert, Adam Smith. “Our clients are being urged from all angles to act on their IAQ to keep building occupants safe.  At this point, air purifiers are an investment in the health of your employees, customers, school children and teachers—With this Smart Management capability, you are protecting your investment and providing assurance that your purifiers are performing to the best of their ability.” 

All AirBox Peak units are manufactured in an EPA registered facility, are FDA compliant, and utilize Certified HEPA technology. The Peak Series has also been scientifically tested and proven to remove 99.99% of dangerous airborne particles including infectious agents and pathogens, pollen, chemicals, mold, and dust from the breathing zone. Combine that with this new smart technology to control the AirBox unit remotely and it is truly a one-of-a-kind solution.

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About AirBox

A women-owned business headquartered in Austin, TX, with a manufacturing facility in Statesville, NC, AirBox was founded in 2017 by Lead Engineer, Tim Self. The high-proficiency AirBox air purifier technology evolved from filtration technology common to ultra-clean manufacturing and research environments typical to pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and biotechnology industries. For additional information, visit Follow AirBox on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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