Katz Television Group Supports Impressions-Based Currency for Local Broadcast TV

NEW YORK, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Katz Television Group, the nation’s leading television advertising sales organization representing more than 800 TV stations across a majority of the 210 DMAs, today released a statement in support of the industry-wide adoption of impression-based selling and buying for local broadcast television.

“Our local media clients distribute content and offer advertising on many platforms, including local linear TV, OTT, digital subchannels and websites. To effectively plan, buy and evaluate local campaigns, national buyers need a common currency for local cross-platform execution,” said Leo MacCourtney, President of Katz Television Group. “In the current local media environment, many stations’ linear programming is still transacted on ratings, while their digital platforms are simultaneously transacted on impressions. Now is the time to transition to a universal language of impressions. Katz Television Group supports the industry adoption of impressions for linear TV to enable cross-platform campaign integration at the local level.”

About Katz Television Group:
Katz Television Group is America’s leading television sales organization serving as the trusted sales partner to nearly 80 broadcast companies, including nearly 800 television stations and their digital platform extension. As the leading expert in television advertising solutions, Katz uses its unparalleled national reach to help advertisers connect with local audiences at scale and with impact.  The company is dedicated to using the latest technology, data and strategic insights to create custom campaigns that target advertisers’ needs and deliver results in markets across the country.  Katz Television Group is based in New York City with 10 regional offices nationwide.

Media Contact:
Jennifer Savage
Director, Communications