The Yeti Sighted In Cincinnati

The Yeti, aka The Abominable Snowman, has been seen in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Osborne Mint.

Cincinnati, Ohio, June 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptozoologists worldwide are scampering to find Cincinnati, Ohio on the map and Osborne Mint on the web to see The Yeti and be able to capture the creature for themselves.  As the oldest privately owned and operated mint in the United States, Osborne Mint is a suitable setting for capturing The Yeti. The mint has struck rounds featuring a variety of subjects over the past 185 years, including aliens, fairytales and now cryptozoology. 

The first round in the new Cryptid Creature Series, The Yeti, is truly emblematic of the science of cryptozoology, the search for and study of animals that are believed to exist on the basis of unsubstantiated evidence.  The Yeti is “known” to reside in the Himalayan Mountain Range across Asia, specifically in Tibet and Nepal.  Believed to be part man, part ape and, by some, part bear, the Yeti is referred to in Tibetan culture as the “Meh-The” while western cultures refer to it as “The Abominable Snowman.” Sightings of The Yeti go back as far as the 1800’s, but it was not officially captured until now.

The thick, gangly and greyish-white hair covering its enormous body, the devilishly long nails at the end of all four limbs and the pair of arching ram-like horns atop its massive head inspire fear in people around the world.  These same monstrous characteristics are depicted on the new silver collectible round minted by Osborne Mint.  Capturing The Yeti in your hands allows you to feel the weight of the beast with 1 full once of .999 pure silver.  The massiveness of the character is defined by the diameter of the 39 mm round, while the density of the fur and the contour of the horns are detailed by the depth and precision of the engraving of more than 0.014 inch deep. 

“I feel lucky to be one of the very first to have caught, even a glimpse, of this mythical creature and to be able to share that experience with other knowledgeable or fledgling cryptozoologists,” stated Gibson Olpp, Marketing Manager at Osborne Mint.  “These pieces can confirm the cryptozoological existence of such beings.”

The mystery of The Yeti as a mythical creature of folklore is one of four legendary beasts that will be captured in silver for all eternity with the Cryptid Creature Series.  The rounds that complete the set will span the realms of folk tales, fantasy and legend to include the Jackalope, the Jersey Devil and the Drop-Bear.  Osborne Mint makes it possible to no longer fear these cryptozoology monsters by bringing them alive for your collection.  Each of these rounds will share a common reverse that will title the entire collection and state the accuracy of weight, purity and individuality that Osborne Mint is famous for.

The Yeti, silver collectible, is NOW available on Osborne Mint’s Shop-The-Mint e-commerce site.  Connect with Osborne Mint via their multiple social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeClick the You Tube link and see the Cryptid promotional video) to track future release dates and announcements.  Our distribution partners at APMEX will soon have available a one ounce, .999 fine copper version of this collectible.  

Osborne Mint products are proudly made in the USA and every purchase of an Osborne Mint product supports American jobs.


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Established in 1835, Osborne Mint is America’s oldest continuously operating private mint. Osborne Mint is part of the Osborne Coinage family, which includes Osborne Coin, TokensDirect and Van Brook of Lexington. The mint, a 60,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, houses the development, engraving and manufacturing of numismatic quality collectible rounds, bars and coins. Products made by Osborne are manufactured to strict standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions. Osborne Mint strikes thousands of collectible rounds annually and circulates them to the public through certified distributors. Now one can purchase collectibles direct from Osborne Mint through their e-commerce portal ( Featured collections include: designs by Lisa Parker, Anne Stokes’ Dragons, The Galaxies and Nebulae, The Fight for Freedom’s Sake and The American Legacy Collection. Gold plate, fine silver, copper and brass collections from Osborne Mint are truly pieces of art and are 100% “Made in America.”

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The Yeti (aka “The Abominable Snowman.”) Is the newest .999 pure silver, one troy ounce, collectible round by Osborne Mint – The Yeti Sighted in Cincinnati. #OsborneMint #Yeti Video One:
The Cryptids Collection is an exciting new series of fine silver rounds being released in 2021. The first featured creature is The Yeti (aka “The Abominable Snowman.”) – Click the Link and see the promotional video.  #OsborneMint #Yeti

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