VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform Sets New Standard for EHS and Operational Excellence

CHICAGO, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VelocityEHS, the global leader in cloud-based environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability software, today announced the launch of the VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform. Designed to drive peak performance in the areas of health, safety, risk, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) & operational excellence, the VelocityEHS Accelerate Platform is the starting point of an exciting journey that will change how EHS software delivers value to the organizations who adopt it.   

The Accelerate Platform is a powerful component in the VelocityEHS mission to make workplaces safer and more sustainable, which is shared by the customers who put their trust in it. Designed from the ground up relying on EHS expertise, best practices and elegant design, the platform helps users to solve complex issues in simple and effective ways. Since EHS affects such a diverse group within in an organization, even the best software in the world won’t be beneficial if it’s not used because it’s confusing, intimidating, or frustrating. The company’s industry-leading product design team left no stone unturned in its mission to take the user experience from good to great, resulting in delighted users who can quickly and easily navigate the software to accomplish their tasks and move on with their day. It is designed to be a true one-stop shop for VelocityEHS customers as the central focal point to manage safety, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, ESG, chemical management and learning needs through intuitive workflows that require little-to-no training because it simply works the way users expect it to.

“Effective EHS software doesn’t live in a vacuum; it requires the continuous influence of expertise, innovation and information to adapt quickly when regulations, operations, or your needs change,” said John Damgaard, CEO of VelocityEHS. “Simply re-architecting the VelocityEHS platform wasn’t enough. Instead, we developed a whole new approach to EHS software that combines our unique deep domain expertise with an immense amount of data garnered from having the world’s largest user base, advances in machine learning, and exceptional design to ensure your organizational resources are focused on identifying and eliminating risks.”

The release of the Accelerate Platform is foundational to the VelocityEHS ActiveEHS® vision, the company’s distinctive approach to driving a continuous improvement engine of prediction, intervention, and outcomes. With the largest customer base on a single EHS software platform, which paired with its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise, VelocityEHS now offers learning opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere. These learnings will fuel even greater value across the company’s entire customer community.

Benefits of the VelocityEHS Accelerate Platform include:

  • Best-In-Class Capabilities – The Accelerate Platform brings the industry’s gold-standard solutions for industrial hygiene, ergonomics, chemical management, risk management, training, permit to work, environmental, and safety management into one integrated user experience.
  • Unparalleled Expertise – VelocityEHS has more certified experts than the next five competitors combined, and more importantly, that experience and years of knowledge is embedded into the software to deliver extraordinary value to EHS professionals and their teams.
  • True SaaS Model The Accelerate Platform delivers a lower total cost of ownership to customers by putting configuration tools directly in the hands of users meaning implementations are faster, and adjustments to meet your evolving structure and business needs are easily made without reliance on the vendor. What’s more, customers are always on the latest release eliminating long and expensive upgrades and giving them immediate benefit from new enhancements.
  • Game-Changing Technology – The industry’s leading machine learning, AI and mobile technology is streamlined and simplified for ease-of-use across your entire workforce, allowing you to shift your focus from reactive to proactive risk management.
  • Better Insights – Superior data visualization tools and centralized data management mean users have the access and flexibility to build and run any report when needed in order to find the actionable insights that will drive proactive risk mitigation and program improvement.
  • Adaptability – Quick and simple onboarding means teams are using the software faster. Built-in guides, training and best-in-class user experience design ensure they are maximizing the value of the platform. The platform is scalable across an organization from one location to more than five thousand, always delivering the same high level of performance.
  • Continuous Improvement – With the world’s largest customer base on a single platform, the VelocityEHS Accelerate Platform will continue to improve over time as the learnings available from such a large data set, paired with the company’s world-class machine learning and artificial intelligence team, create continuous value for the entire VelocityEHS community and will positively impact the EHS discipline in general.

“At no point in history have EHS leaders had the ear of the C-Suite to the extent they do today. The EHS teams at the most successful organizations are strategic business partners who influence and steward the company culture and drive key business outcomes such as quality, efficiency, and productivity,” said Matt Airhart, President & COO of VelocityEHS. “A huge leverage point in this change is the effective use of true SaaS technology, like VelocityEHS. The Accelerate Platform is just a first step as we remain committed to industry thought leadership and to accelerating the pace of innovation.”

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About VelocityEHS
Trusted by more than 19,000 customers worldwide, VelocityEHS is the global leader in true SaaS enterprise EHS technology. Through the VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform, the company helps global enterprises drive operational excellence by delivering best-in-class capabilities for health, safety, environmental compliance, training, operational risk and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). The VelocityEHS team includes unparalleled industry expertise, with more certified experts in health, safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, sustainability, the environment, AI, and machine learning than any EHS software provider. Recognized by the EHS industry’s top independent analysts as a Leader in the Verdantix 2021 Green Quadrant Analysis—VelocityEHS is committed to industry thought leadership and to accelerating the pace of innovation through its software solutions and vision.

VelocityEHS is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Tampa, Florida; Oakville, Ontario; London, England; Perth, Western Australia; and Cork, Ireland. For more information, visit

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