Marshall Kuremsky and His Inspirational Journey Of Becoming a Venture Capitalist

Marshall Kuremsky, Partner at LOUD Capital, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Money Podcast by Adam Torres.

Beverly Hills , June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An orthopedic surgeon turned venture capitalist, Marshall Kuremsky shares his incredible journey of changing the course of his life and achieving tremendous success. In this interview, Marshall discusses how education played a significant role in his life while also speaking of his sources of motivation.

Listen to the full interview of Marshall Kuremsky with Adam Torres on Mission Matters Money Podcast.

Born into a family of physicians, Marshall was exposed to the healthcare sector at a young age. He recollects the frequent visits to his orthopedic surgeon in his childhood that sparked an interest in the profession. He also shared his passion for education--not only for learning but also for teaching. Even while studying medicine himself, he was often seen teaching other residents.

On his inspiration behind accomplishing these life goals, Marshall shares, “For me, it’s finding and following a passion.” Placing high regard on hard work and dedication, Marshall considers that one’s commitment to work is the driving force for gaining life-long success.

Company and its Developments

Following their tagline, “Venture For People,” Marshall explains how LOUD Capital aims to help people seeking access to capital and business opportunities. The company intends to raise money from its investor pools and assist startups in their capital flow.

The mission of LOUD Capital is to create a positive impact on society and help individuals turn their dream ideas into reality. Along with his team, Marshall plans to pay his own education and mentorship forward by educating young professionals in the field and helping them grow.

While throwing light on the foundational attitudes of founders for running a business, Kuremsky shares how the right person can turn marginal into tremendous and focuses on fostering the ability to ask for help in times of need.

The Advice

As a piece of advice to everyone who wishes to take the next step in their lives, Marshall shares, “With the right attitude and mindset, the sky's the limit.” The two most integral aspects to consider when changing your routes are: believing and launching. Kuremsky states that you have to trust in yourself first, then use that trust to launch yourself onto the desired path.

What’s Next?

Moving forward, Marshall and his team plan to launch their latest investment opportunity, LOUD Venture Capital Fund 3, which aims to raise and deploy money for new startup businesses. It is designed to be industry non-specific and placed around the $5-$10 million in range; and they will be seeking investors as LPs come Summer 2021.

A new startup company which Kuremsky co-founded and will be leading is called, “Beyond Physician,” and this online platform aims to bridge the gap of the healthcare industry by providing income opportunities, courses, and certifications for physicians at all career stages to help them ‘learn, earn and grow.’.


LOUD Capital is an early-stage venture firm providing capital, entrepreneurship, and education to grow impactful companies worldwide.

LOUD offers a variety of solutions to investors and entrepreneurs. Our venture funds provide Seed/Series A capital to early-stage companies, ranging from clean energy, tech, healthcare solutions, and more. Our venture debt initiative includes working capital and financing to privately held companies with positive cash flow that provides steady returns to our investors. LOUD provides unique deal flow and debt/equity hybrid offerings to our network.

To learn more about the business and its services, visit LOUD Venture here.

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Marshall Kuremsky was interviewed on the Mission Matters Money Podcast by Adam Torres.