Postgres Professional Announces Availability of Postgres Pro Enterprise 13

Leading provider of enterprise-ready Postgres solution adds latest PostgreSQL updates and new enterprise features, contributes its innovative multi-master functionality to the open source community

MARINA BAY, Gibraltar, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Postgres Professional, the company that makes PostgreSQL enterprise-ready, today announced the availability of Postgres Pro Enterprise 13. Based on PostgreSQL 13.3, Postgres Pro Enterprise 13 includes all the new features introduced in PostgreSQL 13, as well as key Postgres Professional innovations, such as hot minor upgrades, storage-level compression and 64-bit transaction identifiers. The company has also announced it has open sourced its innovative multi-master cluster, making these capabilities available to the community.

Postgres Pro Enterprise is a private, fully supported PostgreSQL fork targeted for very large production systems of major financial institutions, industrial giants and top online retailers. It includes functionality designed to meet the strictest requirements for security, scalability and high availability. Enhanced features include:

  • Data compression at the database block level to minimize the data footprint and increase performance.
  • Incremental backup with consistency checks for increased data protection and simplicity, even with terabytes of data.
  • Advanced built-in task scheduler for delayed, scheduled or asynchronous execution of offline jobs.
  • ML-based adaptive query planning for increased adaptability to particular workload and data value distribution.
  • Effective table partitioning for 10000+ partitions for simpler management and faster processing of large volumes of data in a single database.

“We are very excited to bring Postgres Pro Enterprise 13 to market because it enables enterprises to update their production systems with the latest PostgreSQL features and fixes while still taking advantage of all the advanced features that Postgres Pro Enterprise provides,” said Oleg Bartunov, Postgres Professional Founder and CEO. “Postgres Pro Enterprise 13 will enable more companies in more industries to take advantage of all the great benefits of PostgreSQL. Further, by open sourcing the multi-master functionality, we are opening this key capability to a wider audience of developers and users.”

Top new features of Postgres Pro Enterprise 13:

  • Hot upgrades for minor releases – Online upgrade for minor version releases has been implemented, allowing an upgrade to the next minor version without a server restart or interrupting the existing client connections. This is currently supported on Linux platforms.
  • More transparent and manageable Write-Ahead Log (WAL) – A new WAL view (pgpro_stat_wal_activity) shows the size of WAL generated by each server process.
  • Improved compressed file system – Support for the lz4 compression library has been added to the compressed file system.

Improved multi-master contributed to the community
Postgres Professional has open sourced its improved multi-master extension. It now relies on the Paxos consensus algorithm and two-phase commit protocol with generations to determine a transaction outcome. This allows developers to use various cluster configurations.

More Advanced and More Current, but Drop-in Compatible with PostgreSQL 13.3
Postgres Pro Enterprise 13, which is almost fully drop-in compatible with PostgreSQL 13.3, also includes new bug fixes and performance enhancements that are typically not incorporated into PostgreSQL until the next major release.

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Postgres Pro Enterprise 13, along with previous versions, is available now in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a virtual machine (VM) offering.

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