Clinical Psychologist Launches a Natural Mental Health Supplement

After 15 years of clinical practice, Dr. Jaclyn Bauer created an alternative to medication for those who experience mild forms of anxiety and depression

Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Around 40 million American adults, or 18% of the population has an anxiety disorder, making it the most common mental illness in the United States. Yet, only 36.9% of those with an anxiety disorder seek treatment. Additionally, situational stress has risen drastically throughout the course of the pandemic with 78% of Americans reporting stress related to the pandemic. The CDC has warned that not only have necessary safety measures during the pandemic, such as social distancing, influenced an increase in stress and anxiety levels, but post-pandemic reopening has as well. In order to combat this collective rise in mental health struggles, Americans need more options for treatment.

“The reason more than 35 million people with an anxiety disorder don’t seek treatment is multi-faceted,” said Dr. Jaclyn Bauer, Ph.D. “But a dislike of the available treatment options, especially pharmaceuticals, is certainly a factor. I often saw patients whose anxiety was not severe enough to warrant a prescription, but still life-altering enough to require a solution, and personally I understood. I suffer from occasional anxiety but found my only choices for medication were either for general anxiety, which would require I take a pill daily, or situational anxiety, which can be habit forming. Both medication options came with a laundry list of side effects as well, so I could relate to my patients who opted to avoid any sort of pharmaceutical treatment, but still wanted to be able to help them.”

This dilemma led Dr. Bauer to research the current alternative supplement market for anxiety and stress relief. What she discovered was “fairy dusting” or brands that added ingredients to their products in too small doses to be effective. Additionally, these ingredients were almost always synthetic. Accessing the highest quality ingredients was logistically difficult and expensive, but it was an undertaking Dr. Bauer was committed to, as she began to design her own supplement, leading her to launch Virtue Supplement and offer an Anxiety + Stress Release formula that utilizes the best natural ingredients for calming the mind and body from around the world.

About Virtue Supplements

Virtue Supplements is a safe and effective way to treat situational anxiety and stress. Many people suffer from anxiety and stress and need relief, but many do not want to take prescription medication for a variety of reasons. Looking into natural alternatives, clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jaclyn Bauer saw a problem with most of them being ineffective due to not using clinically effective ingredients, incorrect dosing, or artificial ingredients - Virtue was created to bridge the gap. It is a natural mental health supplement with clinically effective ingredients at their clinically effective dose.

Virtue Supplements is formulated with a next gen 1/2 liquid: 1/2 powder capsule. Prior to this it was very difficult to get liquid and powder together in effective doses. Taking lavender oil combined with pharmaGABA was unheard of, until Virtue. With Virtue, you get top-of-the-line ingredients in one shot. Virtue’s Anxiety+Stress Relief formula are sustainably sourced from around the world. Every batch is tested for all active ingredients to ensure what's on the label is in the product. Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

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