Spectrum and GROUPIRA® Launch GROUPIRA® 3.0 Development Project for Advisor Community

TACOMA, Wash., June 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spectrum Pension Consultants, Inc. (Spectrum) and GROUPIRA®, INC. (GROUPIRA®), on Wednesday, June 9th announced after the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, FL the deployment of the third GROUPIRA® development project. GROUPIRA® 3.0 is aimed at automating the claims process for members, automating fractional share Crypto trading, and automating the electronic account opening and onboarding process for Advisors and Members. Built upon leading technology, GROUPIRA® brings the features and simplicity of 401(k) plans to IRA investors.

To advance this project further, GROUPIRA® is currently developing more customized online account origination for advisors participating in the program. This solution is being co-developed with technology from Microsoft Azure, FIS Relius, LexisNexis, Plaid, DocuSign, and Veratad using Open APIs.

"GROUPIRA® is focused on automation and account aggregation for advisors to help the Main Street investor, and we are excited to launch this new technology to our advisory partners and retirement providers nationwide," said Yannis Koumantaros, GROUPIRA® Co-Founder. "The addition of Nick Stucko as Senior Software Engineer this month accelerates the GROUPIRA® 3.0 project timeline." 

The GROUPIRA® Claims process latest technology development expands on the launch of https://claims.groupira.com/ where inactive members can self-authenticate identity, initiate an ACH verifying their bank account registry, or hire an Advisory partner with GROUPIRA® to convert from an Involuntary to Voluntary member. The public site already provides members with an opportunity to open an IRA with any of the participating advisory firms with a custom site for each advisory firm to integrate online account origination, electronic IRA papering, services agreements and Form ADV disclosures if applicable for their firm.  

"Christopher Waldron, Matt Olson, Tom Leach, Nick Stucko, and Kevin Boercker led the development team efforts for GROUPIRA® and Spectrum, coordinating hundreds of engineering hours between all firms involved," said Petros Koumantaros, GROUPIRA® Co-Founder. "Now that we have a robust claims process for our Automatic Rollover members, we are focusing on making it easier to onboard Advisors, TPAs, Recordkeeping Firms, Plan Sponsors, and Channel Partners." 

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