New Spatial Omics Partnership Aims to Accelerate Understanding of Complex Disease Biology

  • Combines Veranome Biosystems’ world-class, high-definition imaging from the semiconductor field with Portal Bioscience’s highly specific probe ligation-based biochemistry
  • Enables tracking of fragmented RNA often found in FFPE specimens
  • Promises detection of mutations, gene fusions and splice variants

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and BALTIMORE, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veranome Biosystems LLC and Portal Bioscience LLC today announced the companies have entered into a co-development agreement to develop cutting-edge products that overcome the analytical challenges posed by the varying levels of RNA degradation often found in clinical specimens. The combination of Portal’s unique Proxal™ chemistry and Veranome’s proprietary instrument and analytics promises spatially resolved analyses of shorter RNA molecules with tracking of subtle sequence differences due to splicing or mutation.

“Portal’s unique chemistry is highly synergistic with our existing biochemistry workflow, instrument and software products,” explains Jim Dietz, president of Veranome Biosystems. “More challenging samples such as pancreatic cancer tissues require a sensitive and specific assay that can access fragmented RNA strands. Our collaboration brings together Veranome’s high throughput subcellular resolution imaging platform with Portal’s novel probe ligation-based assays to open up new applications, ultimately with single-nucleotide resolution.”

“We are excited that Veranome, with their deep experience in high-speed imaging and data analytics from the semiconductor industry, will co-develop and commercialize spatial RNA assays using our Proxal™ chemistry,” says Dr. Ben Larman, Johns Hopkins investigator and scientific co-founder of Portal Bioscience.   “Understanding complex tissue architectures, such as the tumor-immune microenvironment, requires robust spatial omics technologies that work on routinely fixed and paraffin embedded clinical specimens.”

In the emergent field of spatial transcriptomics, current assays trade off transcriptome coverage, sensitivity, specificity, and sample throughput. The new collaboration will bring together two complementary workflows that overcome such tradeoffs to meet the broadest spectrum of customer needs.

Veranome Biosystems will hold a webinar on July 15 to present results of its current spatial omics workflow and product development. For more information about the webinar please visit

About Veranome Biosystems LLC
Veranome Biosystems LLC, an Applied Materials company, provides the spatial analysis market with a reliable, easy-to-use, end-to-end multi-omics solution. We enable researchers to deepen their understanding of diseases with high-quality data of how individual cells organize within tissue, using robust workflows, reliable imaging systems and without the need for extensive bioinformatics tools or infrastructure. Veranome’s unique combination of genomics expertise and world-class high-speed diffraction limited optical imaging capabilities adapted from the field of semiconductor inspection enables researchers to access in situ spatial omics and elucidate reliable disease insights with unsurpassed data quality. For more information, please visit  

About Portal Bioscience LLC
Portal Bioscience is a precision pathology company, focused on developing RNA analysis solutions for a variety of biomedical applications. Portal has exclusively licensed a portfolio of technologies from Johns Hopkins University, which it is using to develop highly differentiated products and services for customers across the spectrum of life-sciences.

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