Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa Expands Deployment of NetNumber TITAN Platform to Support Digital Transformation

Operator Recognized for Championing Innovative Technologies

Lowell, MA, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetNumber announced today Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa (VMMEA) has expanded its deployment of the NetNumber TITAN platform as it continues to deliver a world-class user experience to customers across the region.   NetNumber delivers a portfolio of services and capabilities that span a range of network types from 2G-3G-4G-5G-future G delivered on the industry’s most robust intergenerational signaling platforms.  VMMEA is the region’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator, recognized for championing innovative technology and delivering consistent excellence in customer care.   

NetNumber is working with VMMEA to deploy a world-class signaling infrastructure based on the TITAN platform with applications supporting signaling and routing, security, and subscriber data management in support of the operator’s digital transformation.

“The future of the telecommunications industry is about meeting the needs of consumers,” said Salvatore Traina, Group CTO, VMMEA.  “The NetNumber TITAN platform enables us to add new capabilities to meet our customer’s changing requirements and provide an unmatched consumer experience.  We continue to work with NetNumber because they continue to innovate best-in-class next generation signaling solutions that support our drive to lead the digital transformation in the region.”

The NetNumber TITAN platform is an integrated, fully NFV-compliant solution for 2G-4G networks.  It uniquely delivers centralized provisioning and management combined with a powerful customer-defined service creation capability through open APIs that enable all signal processing to happen at the optimal location in an operator’s network.  TITAN can be deployed in a wide range of ways including, cloud-hosted (AWS), NFV-compliant, cloud-native and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, providing optimal flexibility.  It is transforming how operators deliver new services to their customers while significantly simplifying the network core and reducing operating costs. 

“NetNumber TITAN enables operators like VMMEA to modernize their infrastructure—moving from legacy to next-generation technologies—for the delivery of new digital services as customer requirements evolve and grow,” explained Matt Rosenberg, NetNumber Chief Revenue Officer.  “As operators are ready to transition to 5G and beyond, NetNumber platforms enable a seamless transition with no network disruption.  We’ve had a long-term relationship with VMMEA in Saudi Arabia, and recently signed an agreement with Virgin Mobile in Kuwait.  We are excited to work with VMMEA to deploy a future-proof infrastructure that protects TCO and supports their digital transformation.”

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