The IDEA: Deliver Energy Access Announces 2020 Recipients & Partner Commitments for Global Initiative to Empower Communities

SimpliPhi Power’s pledge to donate 1% of annual revenue to deliver energy access in underserved communities selects projects in Myanmar and Haiti as 2020 RFP recipients and is joined by Footprint Project, New Sun Road, Sol-Ark & Twende Solar as committed partners.

Oxnard, California, UNITED STATES

Oxnard, CA, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The IDEA: Deliver Energy Access (‘IDEA’) has announced 2020 RFP recipients for donations in Myanmar and Haiti, as well as four new strategic partners committed to donating equipment, funding, and engineering expertise to high-impact community energy projects each year through the global IDEA platform. To date, SimpliPhi has donated more than $1 million in energy storage solutions to support renewable power projects, installations, logistics, and direct financial support from private donors to empower communities around the world. 

“Access to clean and affordable energy is fundamental to economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability - and building our collective future globally,” said Catherine Von Burg, CEO & President of SimpliPhi Power. “Our 2020 recipient communities in Myanmar and Haiti exemplify the IDEA initiative’s dedication to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (SDGs) - reaching underserved communities to directly address the major social, environmental, and economic equity issues of our time.” 

Since its founding over 10 years ago, SimpliPhi Power has committed 1% of its annual revenue to the IDEA. Combined with additional partner commitments and working with a growing network of nonprofit, for-profit, and local community leaders around the world, the IDEA focuses on donating resilient energy solutions to empower communities where access to reliable electricity will have a significant impact. 

2020 IDEA Donation Recipients 

Each year, the IDEA initiative will release a request for proposals (RFP) to solicit potential high-impact projects from communities that would benefit substantially from access to reliable energy. After rigorous vetting of project submissions and interviews with developers, two renewable energy projects were selected for 2020 donation funding: 

IDADEE Children's Home (Haiti) - The IDADEE is more than an orphanage, it is a pillar of community life and a vital connection to education, health, and medical resources in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. Founded by young adults who grew up in an orphanage on the island, IDADEE Children’s Home is a community development nonprofit organization that supports the needs of more than 40 children and members of the surrounding community. The IDEA donated 20 SimpliPhi 3.8 kWh batteries to pair with on-site solar power and to replace and upgrade the facility's current toxic lead-acid system, providing resilient clean energy for the community and saving money on energy production every day. Project partners include JustEnergy, Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, and Brace For Impact! 

“Our understanding is that the source of poverty comes from our broken world: broken relationships with the environment, with each other, with our creator, and even with ourselves,” said JustEnergy’s Board of Directors upon being selected for the IDEA. “When the conditions of poverty violate the inherent dignity that all people have, an injustice has occurred. Energy poverty is the lack of access to modern energy services such as electricity. It is a hindrance to human flourishing and dignity: one of the broken systems of our world that we strive to change.” 

Klo Yaw Lay Covid Response Center (Myanmar) - The Karen community of southern Myanmar has a rich history and cultural heritage and are currently struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and political upheaval in their country. The IDEA is partnering with the Karen Department of Health & Welfare and Border Green Energy Team to install a 76-kilowatt-hour energy storage system to provide resilient power for the community’s Covid facilities and resources. The Klo Yaw Lay Covid Response Center comprises a 40-bed hospital facility, a two-story laboratory that houses PCR-based Covid-19 testing equipment, and a -20 C freezer for vaccine storage. 

In addition to the year-end RFP solicitation, the IDEA initiative also provides rapid response donations throughout the year to support communities with emergency relief needs and those recovering from disasters. SimpliPhi and IDEA partners Footprint Project and Sol-Ark donated mobile renewable energy trailers equipped with PHI batteries and solar panels to communities in Texas impacted by winter storm Uri to provide emergency services, communication and internet access for first responders and residents during the extended blackouts. 

A Growing Global Movement 

SimpliPhi’s invitation to join the IDEA is gaining traction and inspiring other renewable energy project developers and manufacturers to act.  Four long-time partners have formally committed to the IDEA’s mission to empower communities by delivering access to resilient, sustainable energy. The IDEA initiative is powered by energy companies, nonprofits, community leaders, and private donors – working together to amplify each other’s impact by combining resources. Each partner commits funding, engineering expertise, equipment, and/or services to the growing global movement. 

The IDEA is excited to announce its newest committed partners: 

Twende Solar - Through the installation of renewable energy systems, Twende Solar aims to eliminate poverty, strengthen economies, protect ecosystems, and ultimately achieve a more equitable society. Twende’s motto is ‘It takes a village,’ and their dedicated focus on empowering communities is a natural fit for expanding the reach and impact of the IDEA initiative. With Twende’s collaboration, the IDEA initiative will be able to help more communities each year and continue to focus on building local resources, equity, and prosperity. Learn more:  

“Twende Solar was formed by solar industry professionals to accomplish exactly what the IDEA program sets out to do: to unite the renewables industry around the energy needs of under-resourced communities,” said Marissa Johnson, Executive Director, Twende Solar. “Access to abundant, clean energy is at the core of creating a more livable and just world where everyone thrives and the only way to accomplish this is to work together. We are proud to partner again with the IDEA initiative to create brighter futures.” 

New Sun Road - A California-based public benefit corporation, New Sun Road is developing data-driven IoT technology solutions for solar-based power systems that reduce operating costs and increase control and visibility. Their mission is to accelerate energy and internet access for under-served communities around the world, in collaboration with industry, government, nonprofit and academic partners. Their technical expertise and funding commitment to the IDEA bring invaluable resources to the ecosystem. Learn more:  

Footprint Project – Committed to breaking the negative feedback loop of fossil fuels, Footprint Project's mission is to help #BuildBackGreener after disasters by providing clean energy and resilient energy storage to communities in crisis. Footprint’s commitment to the IDEA helps to deploy clean technologies alongside emergency responders for immediate lifesaving efforts, displacing the need for polluting diesel generators and supporting long-term, resilient recovery. Learn More:  

Sol-Ark – With their industry-leading all-in-one inverter charge controllers, Sol-Ark believes in easy, affordable solar for everyone. Sol-Ark is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Parker, TX that provides turnkey design solutions and fanatical engineering support for customers and partners globally. Sol-Ark is a reliable IDEA partner that is committed to donating balance of system equipment and technical expertise to the initiative each year. Learn more:  

“We are humbled and grateful for the support of our new IDEA partners – our growing initiative is stronger and more capable for their commitments,” said Catherine Von Burg. “Nearly 1 billion people globally lack access to reliable, safe power and the critical social, economic, and environmental benefits electricity can bring. Through the IDEA, we are working to transform communities in need, and each new partner brings us closer to achieving our vision of universal access to safe, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone.” 

About SimpliPhi Power  

With a mission to create universal access to safe, reliable, and affordable energy, SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient, non-toxic, and enduring energy storage and management systems that utilize environmentally benign lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry. Based in Oxnard, California, SimpliPhi combines the non-hazardous LFP energy storage chemistry with its proprietary cell and battery architecture, power electronics, Battery Management System (BMS) and manufacturing processes to create safe, reliable, durable, and highly scalable on-demand power solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors.  

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