InsideView Integrates Buyer Intent Data from Bombora to Give Sellers and Marketers a Head Start on Closing Deals

Customers Can Now Access Intent Data Alongside the Best B2B Firmographic and Demographic Data in One Platform to Easily and Precisely Target Ideal Prospects Who are “In Market”

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsideView, a Demandbase company, announced today that it is integrating industry-leading intent data from Bombora into the InsideView B2B data and intelligence platform. Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data allows sellers and marketers to focus on buyers who are “in market,” i.e., showing signs of significantly elevated online research related to their products and services compared to historic norms. This allows customers to reduce wasted time chasing leads that will never buy, shorten sales cycles, and increase win rates.

Buyer intent data is a collection of signals based on content consumption that suggests a B2B buyer is researching a topic prior to making a purchase. With all the information available on the internet, B2B buyers spend very little time actually talking to vendors, giving sellers little opportunity to engage and close a deal. According to TrustRadius, 87 percent of buyers want to self-serve all or part of their buying journey, putting B2B vendors who wait for inbound leads at a disadvantage. In addition, Gartner estimates that only about 17 percent of the time buyers spend considering a new purchase is spent talking to potential vendors. By adding Bombora’s Company Surge® buyer intent data to the InsideView platform, InsideView customers can now combine insights on intent to purchase with all the other data they use to get their sellers in front of customers before their competitors.

“Every seller would love to know when a target account is in the market for their product or service, because timing is often the hardest part of the sales process,” said Marc Perramond, VP of Product at InsideView. “Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and relevant B2B intent signals to our customers, and make them easily accessible to inform their decisions and daily activities. Bombora’s publisher network produces highly relevant intent data, sorting the signal from the noise, so our customers can be confident that their targets will be receptive to their message.”

Bombora delivers accurate, relevant intent signals measured by consumption and engagement with research content, as compared to some intent data, which simply tracks when someone has been exposed to a keyword regardless of engagement or context. Bombora intent data is based on research activity across a network of 4,300+ business websites and more than 8,000 topics. Intent relevance is based on the number of topics consumed, topic density for each page, scroll velocity and dwell time, and is compared to a baseline of activity for each topic and company to determine if there’s a substantial increase in activity.

“Intent data has helped our marketing campaigns tremendously, putting our messages in front of targets right when they are the most open to hearing about our products,” said Michael Strand, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Hitachi Solutions. “We’ve been very impressed with the quality of Bombora’s data. We also love how InsideView has helped our sellers find and engage the right decision makers with the right message to drive more pipeline. We are excited to see Bombora intent data integrated into the InsideView platform so that we can put intent signals directly into the hands of our revenue generators.”

With intent data integrated into InsideView Insights, InsideView Apex, and InsideView Target, sellers and marketers can quickly and easily filter prospect and account-based marketing (ABM) lists, focus campaigns, prioritize sales motions, and tailor their messaging to buyers who are pulling out their virtual wallets to buy now. Bombora’s intent data allows InsideView users to see intent alerts within account records and delve into their full intent profiles when targeted companies show a surge in research activity. InsideView news and social insights already indicate what companies and decision-makers are interested in. With the addition of intent data, InsideView customers can know not only what their targets are talking about, but when they are actively researching products like theirs.

“B2B sellers and marketers rely on InsideView data and insights to target the right buyers and engage with the right message,” said Mike Burton, SVP of Sales and Co-founder of Bombora. “Bombora adds the ‘when’ to this equation, helping teams know the right moment to reach out to the 15 percent of companies that are in the market for a specific product at any given time. Now sales and marketing teams don’t have to choose between great B2B prospect data and integrated intent data. They get the best of both worlds in one platform.”

InsideView Intent Data will be integrated throughout the InsideView platform. Customers can access and filter by intent data while they are building lists within InsideView Insights, InsideView Target, and InsideView Apex. Intent signals will also appear in company records where users can drill down into details of a surge, including topics and surge scores. In a future release, users will also be able to receive email alerts for intent triggers when companies they care about show a spike of research activity.

InsideView Intent Data benefits

  • For marketers
    • Higher lead-to-opportunity conversion rates through more refined targeting, timing, and talk tracks
    • Time and budget savings from eliminating (or reducing) costly, ineffective “spray and pray” lead generation campaigns
  • For sellers
    • Increased sales productivity and higher win rates by focusing on prospects who are ready to buy now
    • Shortened sales cycles by reducing research time and enabling sellers to reach out at the moment of buyer interest
  • For account managers
    • Mitigate risk of customer churn by identifying when customers are researching competitors
    • Grow accounts by identifying upsell opportunities

InsideView’s integrated Bombora intent data is available now, with Demandbase real-time intent data coming soon. For more information about using InsideView with buyer intent data, go to: or read today’s blog post.

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