Health, new Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical Retreat by Giannuzzi opened its doors

FIUGGI, Italy, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical Retreat, which bears the signature of Lorenzo Giannuzzi, CEO and General Manager of Forte Village and now founder of this new property, has opened its doors to the public. An all-Italian temple for physical and spiritual recovery, where the desire for a healthy and long-lived life can be realised. Relying on a team of doctors and scientists active in the field of Western medicine and traditional holistic disciplines, this innovative wellness and medical retreat focuses on combining age-old treatments with the use of the latest technologies and diagnostic equipment, all while harnessing the enormous potential of Fiuggi's renowned waters and the know-how of the Italian hotel industry. "It was challenging to manage a renovation with 400 employees, on a major construction site, with COVID-19 procedures and the constant anxiety that someone would get sick. But now, the creation is ready,” says Dr Giannuzzi, commenting on the realisation of the centre. "It's a unique property,” he continues, "with a majestic appearance and incredible spaces: just think of the dining room, with a ceiling height of 7 metres, and 4 custom-made Murano chandeliers of inestimable value. But beyond this purely aesthetic aspect, there is the advantage that Fiuggi has very pure air: there is not a single industrial settlement in the entire valley, and this makes the air quality incredible. It is located at an altitude of 700 metres, which is ideal for oxygenating the body, and, with its water that detoxifies the body and is considered 'curative', it truly is the perfect location. On top of that, a team of extraordinary doctors with an international profile allows us to offer personalised programmes aimed at cell regeneration and epigenetics. Not forgetting the fortification of the immune system." He adds: "Here, the medical spa has a scientific laboratory, where personalised supplements are created and individualised care is tailored to our guests. It's impossible not to reap the benefits." The menu is also wellness-oriented: "The gastronomic offer of Palazzo Fiuggi is a tribute to the nutrients that our planet has to offer, with its proposal of personalised menus. Our 3-Michelin-starred chef, with his long experience in naturopathy, makes sure that the micronutrients in the food benefit your health. The rest is surprising, and only by trying it can you grasp its extraordinary potential."

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