Metahero Announces the Launch of Their Ultra-HD Metascanning Technology Fueled by the Native Deflationary Token

LONDON, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The creators of Codewise release a new project that will revolutionize 3D scanning and cryptocurrency adoption, Metahero.

Metahero is a metascanning technology that can create ultra-high-definition personalized avatars and digital items to be used across the metaverse and various industries: medical, fashion, engineering, education, and more. Among others, this technology has been previously used to create characters for the CyberPunk 2077 game by CD Projekt.

Metahero 3D Chambers

The Metahero technology uses mobile 3D Chambers consisting of 16 mobile pillars equipped with a server unit and 4 cameras each. 64 apparatuses in total are snapping pictures at a full synchronization.

Chambers can scan up to 4 people at a time, in various poses or in motion, one scan every 120 seconds, 400 scans a day, and 150,000 a year. At the initial price of $200 per scan in HERO token — a Metahero's native currency, the 3D Chambers could create a yearly revenue of circa $150M.

Initially, 12 Chambers will be distributed around the world in strategic, highly-urbanized locations with a significant interest in technology and gaming.

The first Chamber is already functional and traveling to the first global location in Doha, Qatar. The 3D technology and mobile Chamber units lie at the foundation of the project's revenue model, leased in the form of a franchise to Metahero partners, with all transactions, royalties, and payments in HERO token.

Metascans on Blockchain

The project's secret weapon is blockchain technology. It will be possible to use ultra-HD metascans to generate NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and earn rolling royalties from selling and trading personal avatars, art, and other 3D models on the Metahero marketplace and secondary markets.

The goal is to create a business revenue model completely based on a Metahero's native utility token, HERO. If succeeding, it could be the first time crypto tokens have actual use other than crowdfunding and speculation.

HERO Token

The initial number of tokens will be 10B HERO with various locking mechanisms in place to limit pump and dump schemes. Additionally, HERO is a deflationary token, meaning that the total supply of tokens will diminish over time, and their value should naturally increase.

June 21th, the HERO token launches as a public presale exclusively available on Tenset Gems Platforms. Anyone with 1000 10SET tokens can partake. Private and public presales will be priced the same, collecting 10,000 BNB total, covering 20% of the total HERO supply.

July 5th, HERO will launch publicly on Pancakeswap v2. All of the 10,000 BNB will be added to liquidity and locked permanently.

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SOURCE: Metahero Limited