Summer Snacking Made Different: SOUND Nutrition Offers Clean Ingredient Snacking Solution

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From summer barbecues to family road trips, summer is ubiquitous with snacking. With consumers searching for delicious, whole food and easy-to-transport snacks, SOUND Bites from SOUND™ Nutrition help fill the void of clean-label, truly nutritious snacks to enjoy while on the go.

"Snacks are an important part of fueling summer activities, and the ingredients that go into a snack impact how people feel after consuming it,” said Don Dillon, founder and CEO of SOUND Nutrition. “SOUND Nutrition’s premium, clean ingredient SOUND Bites are designed to taste like a treat while satisfying hunger, providing supplemental nutrients, and sustaining physical and mental energy throughout the day thanks to our clean ingredients and our patented production process.”

The oval-shaped SOUND Bites use natural ingredients and ultrasonics, or sound waves, to preserve vital nutrients, develop flavor and create the signature texture of SOUND Bites. This process removes the need for fillers to form the product or excess sugar to mask the taste of other ingredients, both of which are common practices in snack production.

With a focus on substance, texture, taste and flavor, these healthful snacks are available in four summer-ready flavors, including:

  • COCONUT SURPRISE – Nutty, tropical and mildly sweet, a laid-back rhapsody of delicious flavors and fresh coconut pieces resulting in a fluffy, chewy bite.
  • VANILLA LIME – A bright, tangy chorus of lime and cream cheese that creates a flavor similar to cheesecake, with a smooth, airy texture and mouthfeel.
  • CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY – A sweet and tart melody, lightly dense, building up to a crescendo of real raspberry and a smooth, clean mouthfeel.
  • MOCHA – A bitter, rich and sweet ensemble of flavors delivered by real coffee and cacao ingredients, with a moderately dense body, smooth chew and long finish.

SOUND Bites from SOUND Nutrition are available direct to consumers exclusively through SOUND Bites contain two oval-shaped bites per pack, and are currently available in a sample case, called the Sampler EP, which includes four SOUND Bites packs featuring one of each flavor for $16. In addition, each flavor is available in a case of 12 priced at $48. 

For more information about SOUND Nutrition's products, visit, or on Instagram at @SOUNDSnacks, Facebook at @ and Twitter at @SOUND_Snacks.

About SOUND Nutrition
Created in 2019 to fill the gap in the snack market of clean, flavorful and nutrition-forward snacks, SOUND Nutrition is the transparent, wellness-driven startup that encourages better snacking for a better life. The company's flagship product, SOUND Bites, are oval-shaped snacks made using premium-quality ingredients and a revolutionary, patented process that uses high-frequency, low-amplitude sound waves to preserve vital nutrients, develop flavor and create its signature texture. SOUND's patented ultrasonic technology works by gently vibrating ingredients into a discrete shape in just a fraction of a second, thereby "cooking," or forming food, without applying heat, which preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. SOUND Bites are developed with four guiding elements – substance, texture, taste and flavor – together creating the company's four launch flavors of Vanilla Lime, Mocha, Chocolate Raspberry and Coconut Surprise and delivering on the consumer need for more mindful, healthy eating. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company operates with a commitment to wellness and well-being through functional nutrition.

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