One Identity Continues Delivering on its Next-Generation PAM Vision, with New Zero Trust Safeguard Solutions for Secure Remote Access, Endpoint Privilege Management and DevOps

  • Safeguard Secure Remote Access provides a frictionless method for employees and contractors to securely access systems with privileged accounts from anywhere
  • Endpoint Privilege Management helps organizations secure privilege on endpoints such as Windows desktops, Linux, and AD/AAD networks and attached systems
  • Safeguard for DevOps enables developers to ‘shift left’ and build a secure secrets management practice as they develop applications

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. , June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One Identity, a proven leader in identity-centric security, today announced the availability of Safeguard Remote Access and an enhanced solution for endpoint privilege management – which are designed to help organizations extend their cybersecurity beyond the traditional security perimeter. These new solutions, which build on the recently announced news that its flagship Privileged Access Management (PAM) product, Safeguard, is now available as a SaaS offering, are tangible examples that the company is executing on its next-generation PAM vision.

Today, the traditional perimeter employed by an organization to protect its most-valuable assets is under significant pressure. As employees and contractors are increasingly working remotely with multiple devices, and as digital transformation initiatives are pushing the boundaries on speed and scale, cybercriminals have numerous vulnerabilities to exploit. New battle lines are being drawn that place a greater emphasis on protecting identity and privileged access. In order to deliver this next-generation perimeter, organizations will require a next-generation PAM solution that addresses the shortcomings of earlier offerings that were fragmented, complex, manual and too narrow for today’s challenges.

One Identity’s vision, to advance the state of PAM, is comprised of four key axioms:

  • Streamline deployment: Deliver value quickly, easily, and in a variety of consumption models without compromising quality or minimizing the ability to scale
  • Minimize friction: Provide solutions that are compatible with an organization’s existing systems and processes, maintaining continuity in a multi-generational reality
  • Orchestrate everything: Streamline processes necessary to protect the organization with a combination of insights, contextual awareness and automation
  • Deliver a holistic solution: Provide end-to-end unification of accounts across applications, services, platforms and systems – within and beyond the traditional firewall

“As IT realities evolve and the attack surface expands, organizations can no longer afford to manage identities and privileged access in silos,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, President and General Manager of One Identity. “One Identity’s next-generation PAM vision breaks down those silos, delivering a unified approach to identity security that amplifies insights, enhances automation, and simplifies your ability to verify access – ultimately delivering on the promise of Zero Trust that shrinks windows of exposure.”

Delivering Frictionless and Secure Privileged Access for Remote Users
Safeguard Remote Access is a cloud-native solution that ensures remote workers and contractors can securely access privileged resources without having to use traditional VPNs – regardless of the user’s system or the resources they are accessing, and without client software to install. This frictionless experience, which uses browser-based technologies and federated authentication to deliver Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), helps drive productivity for both end users and administrators while optimizing security with auditable tracking and session recording.

Supplying a Holistic Approach to Endpoint Privilege Management
Endpoint privileged management has traditionally been addressed in silos, which often ignores some prime targets and can result in an inconsistent approach to security. With the augmentation of the One Identity product line to cover more systems, One Identity becomes the industry’s only provider to deliver unified endpoint privileged management for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (AD/AAD), Windows desktops, Linux/Unix, and macOS. The unique combination allows organizations to take a holistic approach to protecting endpoint devices as part of an end-to-end PAM program.

Orchestrating the Protection of DevOps Practices
While providing a wide range of benefits to organizations, DevOps practices can present significant risk to enterprises if not properly secured by managing and monitoring users, machines and secrets. The key to success is orchestration, as the sheer volume presents an insurmountable challenge if pursued manually. Safeguard DevOps Secrets Broker, which integrates with a wide range of leading DevOps tools, is now available to automate and streamline this protection in a frictionless manner. Enabling oversight of privileged access used within DevOps practices, the solution eliminates unauthorized access to resources to protect the network and data during application development. Near-future generations of this product line will also allow customers to store, manage, control and govern secrets, providing organizations with depth and choice on how they secure DevOps across the enterprise.

“One Identity’s next-gen PAM vision is notable as it is well thought out in terms of a comprehensive ser of features – beyond traditional PAM approaches – addressing a broader set of risks and challenges,” said Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst of KuppingerCole Analysts AG. “With a broad portfolio, a robust ecosystem of partners and supplementary technologies, and a long track record of delivering identity-based security, the company is in an enviable position to deliver on this vision.”

About One Identity
One Identity, a Quest Software business, helps organizations achieve an identity-centric security strategy with a uniquely broad and integrated portfolio of identity management offerings developed with a cloud-first strategy including AD account lifecycle management, identity governance and administration and privileged access management. One Identity empowers organizations to reach their full potential, unimpeded by security, yet safeguarded against threats without compromise regardless of how they choose to consume the services. One Identity and its approach is trusted by customers worldwide, where more than 7,500 organizations worldwide depend on One Identity solutions to manage more than 125 million identities, enhancing their agility and efficiency while securing access to their systems and data – on-prem, cloud or hybrid. For more information, visit

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