Popular Binge-Watchers Podcast Partners with Bullhorn.fm

Bullhorn.fm adds Binge-Watchers Podcast, a podcast with 1 million monthly downloads, to their list of creators going live exclusively on the interactive livecasting app

Boston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Long Beach, California, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Binge-Watchers Podcast, a popular indy podcast covering film and other media, partners with live podcasting app Bullhorn.fm to host their beloved Summer Slash series.

Bullhorn adds its largest podcast to its list of live creators publishing exclusive content through the live podcasting platform.

“It was blood, sweat, tears in the beginning just releasing shows to a few diehard fans about movies like Die Hard, and now it has exploded beyond my wildest dreams of what the show could be,” said John Maye. “My passion has always been delivering the best experience to my audience. That’s why this partnership with Bullhorn means so much to us – our audience gets the chance to be part of the podcast.”

Users can participate in a live episode by downloading the Bullhorn app for Android and iOS and following the Binge-Watchers Podcast. At the time of the Summer Slash livecast, users will be notified that the podcast has gone live and will get a chance to join the podcast.

“Bullhorn gives me a unique opportunity to connect with my audience like never before,” said John Maye, host of Binge-Watchers Podcast. “I’m excited to finally get the chance to connect with my listeners and deliver an experience that pushes the boundaries of podcasting.”

Summer Slash, a horror movie special event series, is underway now.

Bullhorn lets listeners become a part of the podcast by giving the ability for users to call in, participate in polls, chat with other users and upvote popular questions.

The Bullhorn Studio gives podcasters tools to deliver a more immersive podcasting experience. In addition to the live features, podcasters can use Bullhorn to:

  • Add images, clickable links and dynamic media
  • Track live listener data and engagement
  • Earn subscription support

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