Celona Extends Edgeless Enterprise Vision by Simplifying the Provisioning and Management of Devices on Private Mobile Networks

Visit Celona’s booth at MWC 2021 in Hall 2.1 Stand 2.1B22Ex to learn more

Cupertino, California, UNITED STATES

CUPERINTO, Calif., June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Celona, the leading innovators of private 5G solutions, today extended the value of its edgeless enterprise architecture with first-of-its kind support for enterprise embedded subscriber identity modules (eSIMs) that simplify the provisioning and streamline the management of client devices accessing mobile networks.

“The use of eSIMs represents a significant market shift in advancing how devices are bootstrapped and managed on private cellular networks,” said Mehmet Yavuz, Co-Founder and CTO of Celona. “At Celona we are uniquely focused on simplifying the deployment and streamlining the end-to-end operation of private mobile networks by eliminating many of the friction points that have historically inhibited widespread adoption.”

The immediate availability of eSIM technology propels Celona’s Edgeless Enterprise vision to transition enterprise networks from a traditional, monolithic hardware-based infrastructure to a cloud-native, software-defined network architecture. By using software-based eSIMs, device provisioning for private mobile networks can be effectively centralized and automated.

Instead of manually configuring and shipping physical SIM cards, enterprise IT staff can now provide users with QR activation codes that can be easily scanned. This triggers the secure download and installation of the requisite SIM profile for a given client device. In live field-testing Celona has demonstrated successful interoperability between its private mobile network platform and leading CBRS-capable devices, such as the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and the new Zebra T26 touch computer.

Going forward, Celona is working with leading mobile device management (MDM) solutions to automatically push activation codes directly to devices, giving enterprises unprecedented control and scalability in the client onboarding process.

Implemented properly, eSIMs can increase flexibility, optimize cost, and add longevity to cellular-capable IoT systems. eSIMs are ideal for IoT devices that tend to have very long lifetimes, making it easier to deal with changes.

This makes eSIMs particularly attractive to manufacturers for lowering operational costs and simplifying logistics. and for retailers looking to increase responsiveness and agility as they constantly shift mobile devices across different locations.

And for large-scale deployments, especially those with devices in hard-to-reach locations, being able to change subscriptions with an over the air update can save a considerable time and money versus the cost of sending personnel to swap out physical SIM cards.

“The market is going to eat this up,” said Will Townsend, senior analyst, Carriers and Enterprise Networking, at Moor Insights and Strategy. “One of the biggest challenges IT staff have is troubleshooting device connectivity issues. Any technology that streamlines the client access and provisioning process is a big win for the enterprise. This is one of them.”

Interested parties can learn more by contacting Celona at hello@celona.io or by visiting Celona’s booth in Hall 2.1, Stand 2.1B22Ex at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from Monday, June 28th to Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Celona, the enterprise 5G company, is focused on accelerating the adoption of business-critical apps on enterprise wireless and helping organizations implement a new generation of digital business initiatives. Taking advantage of dynamic spectrum sharing options such as CBRS in the United States, Celona’s Edgeless Enterprise architecture is designed to automate the adoption of 5G cellular wireless technology by enterprise organizations and their technology partners. For more information, please visit celona.io and follow Celona on Twitter @celonaio.

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