Insurance Navy’s Response to Upcoming Electronic Car Insurance Verification Changes

Secretary of State of IL announced changes are coming to Illinois electronic car insurance verification system (ILIVS) on July 1, 2021

Chicago, IL,

Chicago, IL, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  New changes are coming to Illinois electronic car insurance verification system (ILIVS) on July 1, 2021, the Secretary of State announced. Insurance companies are now obliged to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles along with vehicle owners to make sure every driver on an Illinois road has the state’s minimum required liability coverage.

“My office has led the effort to establish and implement an automobile insurance verification system online, which will serve to reduce the number of Illinois motorists driving while uninsured. The message is simple; if you don’t have auto insurance, get covered now. It’s the law,” said Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

The ILIVS will start sending electronic verifications to Illinois vehicle owners via mail at any given time twice a year. Drivers and their insurance companies, but mostly the insurers, work with the DMV to provide proof that the driver has the minimum required liability insurance. Driving with no auto insurance can result in vehicle registration and license plate suspension along with a $100 reinstatement fee. This is if the vehicle owner can’t provide proof of insurance.

With insurance companies now working hand in hand with the ILIVS, many are taking steps to make sure no driver goes uninsured. Insurance Navy is one of those insurers offering deals, consultation, and low-cost policies for vehicle owners looking to receive mandatory auto insurance. Not only that, Insurance Navy will handle all of the tedium of resolving suspended license plates and vehicle registration.

The fastest-growing insurance brokers in Illinois are offering $39 a month for basic coverage. Uninsured drivers looking for liability insurance will now be able to receive it for a sticker price that fits their budget.

“Following the law shouldn’t be expensive,” says Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh, “We’ll be offering low-cost car insurance for any driver looking for the state of Illinois requirements.”

In addition, Insurance Navy will initiate a new complimentary consultation service for drivers looking to reinstate a suspended license on account of driving uninsured. Having car insurance is the most important step in reinstating a license. But, it can be a difficult process to find the right policy to avoid something like a plate suspension. Insurance Navy works with trusted companies and makes all the comparisons in their signature free quote service.

“The goal is and always has been to make everything easier for vehicle owners. The free consultations service, quotes, and low-cost, basic coverage allow us to also make the process of getting back on the road easier for suspended drivers.” Sneineh said.

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