TigersOfTinder.com Now Offers Content in Japanese, Adds Japan Dating Expert to Team

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SAN DIEGO, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TigersofTinder now offers Japan dating news and has added Japanese translations for existing content.

“Adding Japanese was the natural next step for our website to reach a larger audience and grow to other parts of the world. Japan is the second largest market for online dating right now.” said Chris Gustafson, creator of TigersofTinder.com.

Overcoming cultural differences
To help translate existing guides to Japanese and make original Japanese content, dating editor Hiromi Yasua was hired by TOT to grow the category. “Hiromi’s experience with creating dating content for a Japanese audience was essential to making sure we were able to pivot existing guides and overcome cultural differences between western and eastern dating,” said Gustafson.

What content is available in Japanese?
All TOT dating guides useful to Japanese readers have been translated to Japanese with edits by Yasua.

Examples of Japanese articles available:

  • First date ideas
  • How to use Tinder
  • How to get your ex back
  • The best tinder pick up lines
  • The best casual dating sites

Japanese content scheduled for July and August:

  • How to pick the right clothes for a first date
  • Hobbies that men can take up to impress women
  • Top 10 dating agencies in Japan
  • Pairs dating app review

How to switch between languages on the site
On the website menu and footer buttons have been added to allow users to easily toggle between English and Japanese. Those visiting from Japan will be able to see Japanese content by default, while users in the rest of the world will see English.

About TigersofTinder.com
TOT was a website that started out in 2014 as a way to poke fun at the large number of Tinder profiles that had profile pictures with tigers. It has since grown into an online dating news and review site with dozens of dating guides, reviews, and industry new articles.

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