ChrisEditing: Creative Agency Connects Influencers with Brands for Powerful Content-Driven Social Media Campaigns

Laughlin, Nevada, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The majority of people today are more than happy to spend hours of their time scrolling through social media, chatting with online friends and sharing their latest snapshots of life. From digital nomads to technology tycoons, many people have realized the power that the online world holds over reality, and the opportunities it can unearth.

Based in Las Vegas, Chris Higa is just such a person. A successful TV producer plus social media manager, influencer and content creator, Chris is the founder of ChrisEditing, a popular creative agency that’s behind a significant number of influencer-brand relationships.

ChrisEditing offers social media management, advertising and press services with the aim of helping content creators and powerful brands to create meaningful connections and reach new levels of social media every day from syndication, advertising, verification, collaborations, and much more. Get in touch with the agency today to help your social media reach new heights!

The power of social media

Social media today is considered a crucial tool for companies of all sizes to use, creating an unprecedented opportunity for brands to utilize influencer campaigns and engage with countless potential clients through good social media management.

By adopting best practice social media management strategies, you can:

  • Uncover valuable insights about your clients and how they view your products, services and brand
  • Manage the reputation of your brand and quickly deal with complaints
  • Keep in consistent contact with old and potential new clients, staying fresh in mind
  • Engage with other brands and influencers
  • Stay on top of industry trends
  • Analyze important data relating to your brand

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by how much hard work goes into good social media management and are struggling to regularly manage your content and engage with customers through various platforms, get in touch with ChrisEditing to benefit from helpful social media management services.

Raising your social media game

As a creative agency, ChrisEditing knows that in the constantly evolving world of social media it is vital to stay relevant and be seen. Social media influencers can command the opinions of online audiences regarding a brand, idea, business or person, making them valuable assets to brands. Brands can raise their social media game and benefit from influencers sharing their story to audiences and keeping them fresh in people’s minds, and influencers often get a good financial or affiliate reward in return.

ChrisEditing is experienced at forging meaningful relationships between leading creators and brands to create powerful influencer marketing campaigns. These connections have allowed the agency to establish a huge, diverse network to benefit clients, partnering with and representing many industry-leading brands and creators. To improve your social media management strategies, contact the ChrisEditing team today!

Partners in success

Chris Higa of ChrisEditing takes great pride in finding and encouraging other content creators to become successful in their own right. Chris encouraged young content creator Blake Robbins to manage other people’s Snapchat Spotlight accounts through Blake Robbins Management as well as create more regular, engaging content for his followers. Despite still being in high school, 18-year-old Blake used this inspiration to achieve incredible success: he has now got a combined reach of 126.8 K+ on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat and made over $100,000 in just one day by creating popular Snapchat Spotlight content.

Some of the other successful creators and influencers partnering with ChrisEditing include:

  • Cierra Mistt
    • Combined reach 2.3 M+
  • Chris Olpin
    • Combined reach 163.7 K+
  • Stephen Alexander
    • Combined reach 3.1 M+
  • Kali Lewis
    • Combined reach: 258.8 K+
  • Nicholas Dominici
    • Combined reach 435.1 K+

More information

ChrisEditing is a popular creative agency based in Las Vegas, NV that specializes in content creation, social media management, and press relations.

To find out more about ChrisEditing, you can head over to and check out the great work the agency does. If you have an inquiry, you can get in touch through the online form on the website. Alternatively, to get in touch with Blake Robbins, a successful content creator in partnership with ChrisEditing, please email


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