Hinckley “OnWatch” Vessel Monitoring and Service Portal Now Powered by Siren Marine, Enabling Enhanced Service, Remote Digital Switching and More

Newport, Rhode Island, UNITED STATES

Newport, Rhode Island, June 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connected Boat® leader Siren Marine has announced a partnership with revered American boat builder Hinckley Yachts. The two companies will work together to connect owners with their boats using innovative, cloud-based technology – all while enabling timely service and maintenance activities that can prevent potential downtime. Combined with the advanced vessel monitoring, tracking and security features of Siren Marine’s Connected Boat® system, the result will be an enhanced ownership and on-water experience in keeping with Hinckley’s renowned reputation.

With the forward-thinking goal of providing customers with the advantages of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Hinckley Yachts launched its OnWatch vessel monitoring system in 2015. OnWatch Powered by Siren Marine will now be using the latest generation Siren 3 Pro device, network of sensors and Siren Marine Mobile App to deliver a powerful, yet user-friendly experience for Hinckley owners.

OnWatch Powered by Siren Marine will be standard equipment on all new Hinckley Yachts models, including its iconic line of Picnic Boats, luxuriously appointed motor yachts, and outboard-powered sport boats. Owners of existing Hinckley Yachts models will also be able to upgrade their vessels to OnWatch Powered by Siren Marine. 

“Our customer is typically an experienced boater, and rightfully has high expectations when purchasing a Hinckley Yacht,” said Scott Bryant, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We aim to meet those expectations at every turn, from the distinctive lines of our vessels and advanced construction techniques to our impeccable finish work and joinery. We’re known to utilize the best and most advanced technology – extending to our onboard telematics platform – which is why we’ve chosen to partner with Siren Marine,” added Bryant.

Among the many key benefits of this partnership will be the ability to empower Hinckley Yachts’ team of technical experts and customer service professionals to work proactively with customers. This enables better coordinating service activities and can prevent minor issues from escalating and impacting time spent out on the water.

Siren Marine CEO, Jeffrey Poole, highlighted the company’s NMEA 2000 certification and proven integration with state-of-the-art CZone digital switching technology — also featured on Hinckley vessels — as key reasons for Hinckley Yachts’ move to Siren Marine as its exclusive telematics partner. By putting advanced digital switching into the hands of boaters, Siren Marine empowers owners to remotely control key systems on or off with their mobile devices. This saves time at the dock and provides more time for on-water enjoyment — enhancing the overall boating experience.

“When you see a Hinckley, you instantly recognize her for what she is — a blend of extraordinary beauty and cutting-edge technology that truly symbolizes the luxury boating lifestyle,” said Poole.   “We are proud to be partnering with such a respected and time-tested brand as Hinckley, and more so, to play a pivotal role in delivering the freedom and trouble-free enjoyment that the lifestyle entails,” Poole added.

Siren Marine has been leading the Connected Boat® revolution since 2011, forming OEM partnerships with key industry stakeholders such as Yamaha Motor Corporation, Cummins, ZF, CZone and dozens of premium boat brands. By connecting customers with their boat and manufacturers with their customers, Siren Marine strives to fundamentally enhance the boat ownership experience, and make every boat a Connected Boat®.

For more information on Siren Marine’s partnership with Hinckley Yachts, Siren Marine technology or the rapidly accelerating Connected Boat® revolution, visit or call 401.619.4774.


About Siren

Based in Newport, Rhode Island, Siren Marine is the industry leader in smart boat technology – allowing boaters to stay connected to their boats anywhere, anytime. The company’s vision is to transform the modern boating experience and lead the way to a fully connected-marine industry through innovative IoT Connected Boat® technology. Siren Marine provides safety, security and smart boat monitoring so boaters can remotely track their boats' battery level, bilge activity, temperature, location and more. Siren Marine also puts actionable data at the fingertips of industry stakeholders (OEMs, boat builders, electronics, digital switching manufacturers and other marine businesses) connecting them to customers and their boats like never before, providing a better boating experience and peace of mind. 

About Hinckley Yachts

Hinckley has been building and servicing America’s finest yachts since 1928. Founded to build and care for the boats of the local lobstermen in Southwest Harbor, Maine, Hinckley quickly developed a reputation for unsurpassed quality and innovation. The years that followed saw the company building true classics of American yachting from the Bermuda 40 to the Picnic Boat. Each new Hinckley yacht carries with it the symbol, Talaria, which marks the swift pursuit of superior ideas. Today, Hinckley builds highly innovative, owner-driven, power and sailing yachts from 29 to 76 feet. Nine yacht care centers from Maine to Florida complete the Hinckley offering by providing service, refits, transportation and storage for a pinnacle ownership experience.


Hinckley Yachts is well regarded for its iconic line of Picnic Boats (pictured), luxuriously appointed motor yachts, and outboard-powered sport boats. The Siren 3 Pro is a full-featured, smart boat monitoring system that enables boaters to remotely monitor their boat's location, battery, bilge, entry status and more. It also boasts built-in NMEA 2000, Global LTE connectivity and remote digital switching (allowing users to control various onboard systems through the Siren Marine Mobile App).

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