Cartel Blue, Inc. Cartel, Inc. Announces Anticipated Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp Crops in Mexico Increases Production of Quality Hemp for its Premium Cigars and Accessories

LONG BEACH, Calif., July 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cartel Blue, Inc. and Cartel, Inc., a Delaware Corporation founded in 1998, announced it will increase its business operations in Mexico for expansion of its product lines.

Cartel Inc. announced expanded product strategies after the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled for decriminalization and legalization of recreational Cannabis and Hemp in Mexico on June 30, 2021. Addressing its expansion strategy, the company previously obtained Trademarks in Mexico which were approved. All the company’s products and processes, including Cartel Accessories, hemp cultivation and approval of its line of hemp-hip-hop-clothing sold under the brand “Cartel Blue”, are a part of this implementation. Cartel Inc. and Cartel Blue, Inc. have secured purchase orders for pre-rolled “Premium Mini Hemp Cigars” for August 1, 2021, delivery under all Mexico Licensing guidelines.

Cartel Blue, Inc. is the first and only hemp Apparel company listed on the Major Marijuana | Hemp Stock Index.

As the move into Mexico and a planned move into other countries are anticipated, it was determined by Cartel Inc. management to earlier make a name change which aligns with a global branding strategy for its products.

This announcement coincides with an Agreement between Cartel Inc., and Maui Third Wave, Inc of Kihei, Maui, Hawaii to purchase HINA Organic Hemp grown in the rich volcanic soil of the island. This agreement marks a significant date in the history of Cartel Inc., as it will be producing quality Mini Hemp cigars packaged for immediate sales in Hawaii, the Mainland, and through the newly announced chain of Cartel Cigar Lounges in selected hotels and specified venues. Nashville, Tennessee will be home to the very first Cartel Cigar Lounge, which will be owned and operated in a Licensing Agreement between Cartel Inc., and Music City Botanicals, of Nashville. Further information is available through Investor Relations at Cartel Inc.

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