Kwasi Asare, Feedia CEO and Founder, leads VCDC Board of Directors

VCDC is a registered 501(c)(3) NGO operating in Bensalem, PA and Ghana, West Africa. The purpose of the organization is to establish dedicated rural community centers for educational development in Akyem Hemang, Fanteakwa district and its surrounding villages in the Eastern Region of Ghana

New Orleans, United States , July 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Kwasi Asare, FEEDIA Founder and CEO, has been appointed to The Board” of Directors for the Ghana and US based Non Profit Organization, The Village Communities Development Center (VCDC).

Mr. Asare recently commented on VCDC’s roadmap for the future. “The primary goal for the next 12 months”, Asare states, “will be to fund the launch of a community center with a STEM education focus. Looking farther ahead, the aim is to improve the quality of life of people of rural Ghana on a sustainable basis.”

This appointment was driven by Kwasi Asare’s work within the social impact, marketing, technology, and business development arenas; specifically his work envisioning and implementing growth, marketing, and business development strategies across the planet for nonprofit and for profit companies for almost two decades.

Mr. Asare, a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania and son of Ghanaian-American immigrants, has been involved in philanthropy and social impact for more than two decades. He was initially inspired by his family’s ongoing philanthropic efforts which eventually led to the founding of The VCDC. In response to a question on the driving force behind VCDC’s potential success, Asare explained “It really boils down to being a catalyst for innovation and higher quality of life for rural Ghanaian communities”.

Reflecting on the opportunity the role offers, Asare is quoted as saying: “Rural Africa is the world’s next bread basket and innovation lab, VCDC is focused on optimizing Ghanaians access to technology and sustainable quality of life enhancements.”

Recently, Asare reminisced on past VCDC campaigns he engineered which helped build momentum towards today’s announcement. Notably, one of his proudest accomplishments was producing a partnership with period poverty focused NGO CouldYou? in which 3000 menstrual cups were distributed to women and girls across rural Ghana. CouldYou? is partnering with Mr. Asare, The VCDC, and leading creative arts agency , World Artists United led by Jalen James Acosta and Rachel Karry to work towards ending “Period Poverty” globally.

When asked about Mr. Asares recent appointment to VCDC’s Board of Directors, Founder Felicia Asare said: “Kwasi Asare brings 20+ years of experience in philanthropy, brand building, finance and digital marketing. That experience is priceless”

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