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French Beauty Company Offers Women Healthier, Safer and More Affordable Alternatives to Conventional Beauty Products


PALM BEACH, FL, July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SO’BiO étic®’s most popular organic beauty care products are now available on, a popular health and wellness website.

“We decided to give American women healthier and safer skincare choices,” said  Sabrina Vincent, Area Director of the Americas for Léa Nature, the French parent company of SO’BiO étic®. “We plan to bring many of our organic beauty products to the United States so that every American woman has the possibility to use affordable healthy organic skincare ”

For now, the launch will be focused on the major line: Pour une Peau Parfaite, or Perfect Skin, a simple skincare routine based on the sacred lotus flower from Vietnam, which fights against the first signs of aging. now carries Perfect Skin products:

  • Organic Hydrating Day Cream for a zero-defect mission
  • Organic Brightening Moisturizing Cream to plump up your skin
  • Organic Tone Correcting Serum to correct skin texture
  • Organic cleansing foam to clean your delicate skin also carries the following product lines:

  • Pur Bamboo, which eliminates impurities and purifies the skin.
  • Précieux Argan Peaux Matures, which is ideal for mature skin.
  • Hydra Aloe Vera, which deeply hydrates the skin.
  • SO’BiO étic® shampoo & conditioner

“We develop exceptional treatments in perfect harmony with the skin,” Sabrina Vincent said. “We believe every woman has natural beauty. SO’BiO étic®, which is the No. 1 cosmetics brand in France1, releases the natural beauty within each woman.

“SO’BiO étic®’s diverse product line is suitable for women of all ages, all skin types,  and is suitable for everyday use,” she added. “Our organic skincare products will firm, cleanse, moisturize, and hydrate your skin.”

SO’BiO étic® is certified by both Ecocert, the European certification standard for organic products, and has the label COSMOS ORGANIC, which is the label of more than 22,000 products in 70 countries. The company does not use parabens, glycol, silicones, PEG, nanoparticles, or chemical filters. SO’BiO étic® develops organic and healthier products that are also vegan and cruelty-free.*

Sabrina Vincent also said consumers now can buy beauty products from a company that makes eco-friendly packaging made from sugar cane, supports fair-trade partnerships with its vendors, and donates 1 percent of its turnover to the “1% for the Planet Club,” which supports environmental projects around the world.

“We make a healthy product for our consumers and for the planet,” Sabrina Vincent said, adding that in the coming months she expects more retail outlets to carry SO’BiO étic®.

“We are excited that women in America will now have an affordable alternative to other organic and conventional brands,” Ms. Vincent said. “We are thrilled that women throughout the country will have another retail outlet, such as, carrying our organic brand.”

For more information or to purchase skincare and beauty products from SO’BiO étic®, visit

(* Précieux Argan Peau Mature line’s formula is expected to be vegan later this year. For now, it uses royal jelly).

1- IRI – France HMSM - Organic and natural cosmetic panel



SO’BiO étic®, which is launching its certified organic skincare products in the U.S., is the No. 1 brand in France in natural and organic cosmetics, with total annual revenue exceeding $77 million. The cosmetics are created in a state-of-the-art eco-friendly factory, with unique technologies in France. The launch will focus on SO’BiO étic's® major product line: Pour une Peau Parfaite, or Perfect Skin, a simple skincare routine based on the sacred lotus flower from Vietnam, which fights against the first signs of aging: SO’BiO étic® is also bringing to America Pur Bamboo, skincare products that eliminate impurities and purifies the skin. SO’BiO étic® is available on

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