Industry First: New Tech Platform To Help Brand Acquisition Companies Identify and Acquire Their Next Winning Brand

Perpetua's Brand Acquisition Ecosystem simplifies deal flow and enables brand aggregators to evaluate, acquire and grow their portfolio of brands.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- San Francisco (July 7, 2021)Perpetua, a global leader in eCommerce advertising and intelligence software announces the launch of Perpetua's Brand Acquisition Ecosystem (BAE™), new technology that connects sellers and brands to Amazon-brand acquirers all within the Perpetua ecosystem. The eCommerce brand acquisition space is becoming tremendously lucrative, and as demand on both sides grow the biggest opportunity and challenge is the new data signals brought on by the acceleration of eCommerce and the ability to aggregate those data points to identify the real business opportunities between brands and acquirers. The new Brand Acquisition Ecosystem and tools allow Brand Acquirers to easily evaluate marketing performance of potential acquisitions, generate deal flow from the Perpetua seller and brand network, while still using Perpetua’s best-in-class marketing automation and optimization to grow their portfolio companies.

"Amazon will always be critical to eCommerce. However, we expect other players to emerge over time, and our aim is to be where our customers are. This ties into our differentiated strategy that focuses on social-first and enthusiast market segments, where emotion and commerce met to make a purchase decision," says Alexis Lanternier, Co-founder and COO Branded. "As we continue to acquire a significant number of new brands every month, we are using tools such as Perpetua to scale our performance across our portfolio. Specifically, we use Perpetua to improve return on ad spend and scale the revenue of the brands we grow."

In total, Brand Acquirers have raised over $6 billion (source: Marketplace Pulse) in known venture capital funding, and it is deal flow can be the biggest constraint to building their business. Analyzing an Amazon business for acquisition is not an easy task, the secret is in selecting strong products and avoiding fads. It requires analyzing the sales, marketing, marketshare, and profit loss data, while simultaneously forecasting growth potential on Amazon and beyond. This process requires a number of different tools and unique domain expertise. The Perpetua Acquisition Network solves that problem, and makes evaluating, acquiring, and scaling e-commerce brands easy for these Amazon roll-up companies.

“Evaluating a potential seller acquisition has required marrying different data from a number of tools. Today, we are happy to break those silos down, and offer a holistic tool for those looking to acquire and scale an Amazon business,” said Adam Epstein, VP of Growth at Perpetua. “With Perpetua's acquisition network, not only will Brand Acquirers/rollup company partners have access to a best-in-class valuation tool, they will immediately be able to grow that brand, using our AI powered ad engine to create and optimize advertising across the entire suite of ad units on Amazon, Wal-mart, Target and Instacart.”

Perpetua uses AI and extensive data infrastructure to analyze a company’s position in the market, marketing efficiency, growth trajectory and opportunity to expand internationally as well as into additional retailers outside of Amazon. Additionally, our brand acquirer partners, including Branded, Heroes, Acquco and Forum, get access to deal flow directly within the Perpetua app, through the Brand Ecosystem.

"Our proprietary data science platform is at the heart of our operations, running realtime analytics and generating feedback loops to constantly improving our brand operations. Perpetua's technology is synergetic with our broader platform, and is a component in driving the growth of our brands.” said David Lam, Head of Growth at Acquco. "As former product managers at Amazon and brand owners, we know every business is unique and there is no-one-strategy-fits-all. Our goal is to make every brand we acquire a leader globally and across all channels beyond Amazon."

Brand acquirers can now easily evaluate companies by having them connect to and within 72 hours have access to an evaluation report, which weighs metrics such as current revenue, ad spend, organic and paid marketshare, and benchmarking relative to other businesses in the industry. Selling with Amazon not only offers small businesses the opportunity to build their brand and reach millions of customers, but also serves as a platform for mom and pop brands to take their business to the next level with the expertise, international access and purchasing power brand aggregators can provide through acquisition.

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