LifeCare Connects Launches LightCareRx PhotoBioModulation Systems

Non-invasive, no-touch light therapy –– The next step in the evolution of Regenerative Medicine

Toronto, ON, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today health and wellness company LifeCare Connects launches LightCareRx, its new line of PhotoBioModulation (PBM) products. Harnessing the power of natural light therapy, LightCareRx systems are an evolution in Regenerative Medicine and healthcare technology. Assisting the body in repair by accelerating its natural healing process, PBM promotes faster regeneration of healthy cells. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the patented hyper plasma laser is Health Canada approved, and licensed and FDA 510k cleared. The Rx Series is available for use across North America.

Non-invasive, no-touch (COVID-19 distancing compliant) and hospital grade LightCareRx is highly effective in treating a wide variety of existing and acquired health issues and works as a preventative wellness treatment. It can be applied in a multitude of healthcare settings, including acupuncture, chiropractic, dermatology, esthetics, naturopathic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, podiatry, sports therapy, and dentistry. It is also effective as a pain management treatment, with the possibility to replace opioid pain medication.

“Our mission is to make LightCareRx systems easily accessible to everyone across North America,” says Diane Carter, President, LifeCare Connects. “Broad spectrum uses of PhotoBioModulation therapy in the treatment of diverse conditions, including pain management and wound healing, will have a profound effect on our society and lessen the burden faced by our healthcare systems and hopefully, the need for opioids.”

The science behind this technology first came to use in 1965 and is backed by extensive and enduring medical research. While PBM has already gained popularity in Europe and among elite athletes in the US, the evolution in effectiveness, design and delivery are advancements that make LightCareRx one of the most powerful light therapy systems in the world.

LightCareRx can operate at 10 different wavelengths, delivering 500 watts for the widest coverage and 3D penetration, unlike hand-held battery-operated LED lasers. Delivering near infra-red light three inches into tissue, in a uniform and constant density, over a larger area makes it significantly more effective than treating a single spot, and without risk of burning or harmful rays. Effective even through clothing, LightCareRx is the only wide coverage no-touch system in the world using a proprietary plasma light and is available in four models: Rx1, Rx2, Rx3, and the full-body Rx6. 

“Allowing and amplifying the body’s ability to heal itself, the LightCareRx system delivers the three key ingredients for the best treatment outcome — the highest power, deepest penetration and widest body coverage of no-touch systems,” says Diane Carter, President, LifeCare Connects. “Most importantly, it heals and takes away pain, allowing the body to heal itself at a cellular level. This technology is leading the way in Regenerative Medicine.”

Acting on the mitochondria to help deliver more energy around the cell, LightCareRx reduces inflammation and increases blood flow. This also reduces the impacts of ageing, with the added benefits of collagen production. Effective in cancer aftercare, surgical and diabetic wound healing, as well as basic cell regeneration, LightCareRx hospital grade systems can also be used in hospital settings.

About LifeCare Connects:

LifeCare Connects is a Health & Wellness Company devoted to making well proven, non-invasive natural light therapy more widely available across North America. Our mission is to make PhotoBioModulation easily accessible to everyone. Our vision is to see broad spectrum use of PhotoBioModulation therapy in treatment of diverse conditions, including pain management, wound healing and helping to blunt the impact of the opioid crisis. | FAQ

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What Is PhotoBioModulation? 

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Lightcare Rx1- Portable from room to room, the most power and widest coverage of its kind in the world. 

 Lightcare Rx6 - Full body photobiomodulation with the most power and widest body coverage in the world.

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