Florence Healthcare Partners with Gallaher Edge to Prioritize Company Culture During Accelerated Growth

The management consulting firm is ensuring Florence’s organizational alignment through customized workshops and the science of human behavior

ORLANDO, Fla., July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gallaher Edge, a management consulting firm creating transformational change in businesses through meaningful and impactful human experiences, today announces its work with Florence Healthcare, the largest site and sponsor connectivity platform in clinical research, to help the company align its organizational culture as it continues to expand.

"Growing companies can’t underestimate the importance of intentional culture design and regular team alignment to improve or even maintain organizations during growth periods," said Dr. Laura Gallaher, CEO and founder of Gallaher Edge. "It is wise for organizations scaling their businesses to invest in culture sooner rather than later, as growth can create additional strain. As Florence gears up for massive growth this year, Gallaher Edge is coaching the leadership team through any cultural challenges that may occur."

Gallaher Edge identified three of Florence’s primary obstacles based on their growth trajectory (misalignment, culture dilution and under-developed leaders) and developed customized strategies to overcome them. Gallaher Edge is facilitating ongoing meetings to help tailor a strategic alignment process suited to the health technology company’s specific needs. Additionally, the management consulting firm will work with leaders individually to enhance communication and leadership skills. Group workshops will help leaders increase self-awareness to enable conscious and mindful choices across the organization.

"In the beginning, I found myself getting stuck on the multiple frameworks around organizational culture, but the team at Gallaher Edge has guided us through the link between culture and organizational strategy. It has been so satisfying to go through this process with them," said Ryan Jones, CEO of Florence. "Growth isn’t just about design exclusively. It's about alignment. We are learning about our organization by going through this process, and that's exciting. It's very cool to get the two effects."

Florence has also adopted regular usage of Gallaher Edge’s online platform: Insider Edge. “It’s had such a remarkable effect on how we onboard people,” said Florence’s head of people and culture, Gia Ganesh. “People are using it and it’s creating a common language and transforming how people are communicating within and across teams.” Insider Edge is a scalable solution designed for busy people in organizations who value professional growth and development and see it as a journey rather than just an event.

To learn more about the custom culture programs offered by Gallaher Edge, visit gallaheredge.com.

About Florence Healthcare
Based in Atlanta, GA, Florence is a global leader in remote connectivity and electronic document workflow management for clinical trials. More than 10,000 research sites in 35 countries, sponsors and CROs collaborate on the network. Florence solutions foster 25% faster clinical trial startup time, 40% reduced document cycle times, and enable more than 3 million remote monitoring activities every month. To learn more, visit florencehc.com.

About Gallaher Edge
Gallaher Edge is a management consulting firm that creates transformational change in businesses through meaningful and impactful human experiences. The team applies the science of human behavior to an organization to create highly effective cultures. Gallaher Edge helps C-suite teams successfully take their company to the next level and does so through personalized experiences to evolve teams from the inside out, growing their capacity to lead and succeed.

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