The City of Albany Will Use Rekor One™ to Enhance Community Safety

COLUMBIA, Md., July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR), a provider of real-time roadway, customer and public safety intelligence to enable AI-driven decisions, announced the selection of its Rekor One™ vehicle recognition system by the City of Albany, New York, in partnership with the Albany Police Department. Rekor was selected after a competitive bid process in June 2021 to help maintain the safety and security of the community and its citizens.

Albany is New York’s capital city and part of the economic and cultural core of the Capital District, the third most populous metropolitan region in the state. Rekor One™ will assist Albany’s law enforcement efforts to deter criminal activities and will serve as a forensic tool to help solve crimes after they occur.

Rekor’s technology met various performance requirements which support Albany's public safety mission, including lane capture, solar power operation, easy integration with third party applications, unlimited storage, and robust vehicle identification capabilities. Rekor’s solar option allows for cameras on remote escape routes without relying on City infrastructure or existing power sources.

Albany will benefit from the groundbreaking capabilities of Rekor One™ to implement multiple missions simultaneously. By providing real-time access to vehicle make, model and color, as well as license plate information, the platform will support the Albany Police Department in accelerating investigations and will also assist in rapidly locating vehicles of interest and reduce response times to AMBER and Silver alerts. Concurrently, Rekor One™ will also deliver real-time alerts that allow for efficient action and correction by the proper agency when a vehicle is traveling at a dangerous speed or in the wrong direction, or encounters an obstruction in the roadway, minimizing the risk of accident and injury.

“Using Rekor One™, the City will glean new intelligence on its roadways in real time, enable a safer community and continue to progress as a smart city,” said Robert Berman, President and CEO, Rekor. “We look forward to our partnership and the successful outcomes that they will experience.”

Rekor’s partnership with Albany follows successful implementations in 24 states nationwide. Rekor has quickly documented success in accelerating investigations, increasing recovery of stolen property, reducing accident risk and enhancing community relations.

The system is expected to be fully installed in the near future.


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