Entreprenista and Shopify Join Forces to Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow Their E-commerce Businesses

Entreprenista on Shopify helps women successfully launch and grow their online business

Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Entreprenista, a full service media company dedicated to empowering women, is working with leading global commerce company, Shopify, to introduce Entreprenista on Shopify, a collaboration that’s making it possible for every woman to grow an e-commerce businesses with ease and dedicated support!

Women’s labor force participation hit a 33-year low this year, though the same thing is happening as after the 2008-09 recession, when women-owned businesses were massive job creators and stabilizers of the economy. “Women are resilient,” said Jennifer Sales, Entreprenista’s COO. “After having accounted for most of the job loss in the US since the start of the pandemic, we’re seeing many look to entrepreneurship to turn things around. The Entreprenista on Shopify program aims to support these women, providing them with the tools, skillset, and community they need to start and grow a business, and take ownership of their careers.”

“Whether you’re launching their first e-commerce store or have been running one for years, this collaboration is for entrepreneurial women everywhere,” said Stephanie Cartin, CEO of Entreprenista. “Members will get the best of both worlds by leveraging Entreprenista’s network and community, while learning the ins and outs of e-commerce from Shopify experts. It’s an exciting way for us to help women grow their e-commerce business with first-hand insight and support from those who know best.”

The collaboration includes virtual events designed to create meaningful connections with women business owners around the globe. The events will be hosted by successful women entrepreneurs, like Michelle Grant, Founder & CEO of Lively, Kristen Tomlan, Founder of DO Cookie Dough, Stephanie Cartin, Courtney Spritzer, and many more, alongside Shopify team members, social media marketing pros, customer acquisition specialists, and experts in sourcing, merchandising, shipping, and procurement. Event participants will have the opportunity to win fun swag, a free membership to The Entreprenista League, and free Store Build Grants from Shopify Commerce Award winner, TVP.

“In order to make commerce better for everyone, we know the importance of empowering entrepreneurs to succeed,” said Alli Burg, Partnerships at Shopify. “We know that opportunity is not evenly distributed, and Shopify works to change this. Our objective is to offer anyone with a dream the chance to start a business and to make opportunities available to entrepreneurs who thought they didn’t have any. We’re excited to join forces with Entreprenista so that we can provide this opportunity to more women who are looking to start their entrepreneurial journey.”

To receive a free 30-day extended trial and join the Entreprenista on Shopify community and events, or to learn more, visit www.entreprenista.com/shopify.

About Entreprenista:
Entreprenista empowers and inspires the current and aspiring generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and celebrate their success. The community is made up of founders and decision makers, and aspiring Entreprenistas who learn the secrets to running a business from women who’ve done it. The Entreprenista Podcast hosts successful female leaders each week, and gets into the nitty gritty of what it’s like really to run a company. Entreprenista’s membership community, The Entreprenista League, provides direct access to founders Stephanie, Courtney and their inner circle of successful founders and entrepreneurs, along with virtual networking events, and discounts to the business tools and solutions that have helped them scale their businesses.

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