Small Pharma Phase II/III CRO Benchmarking Market 2021: Service Provider Selection Process, Service Provider Perceptions and Interactions, Study Data, Demographics


Dublin, July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Phase II/III CRO Benchmarking - Small Pharma Market (2nd Ed.)" report has been added to's offering.

The publisher understands the desire for a deeper dive into the small and emerging biopharma landscape. Are the needs, perceptions, and interactions of this segment different compared to the wider audience of Phase II/III clinical development outsourcers?

In a word, yes. The goal, therefore, of this small and emerging biopharma report is two-fold. First, this research will help small and emerging biopharma companies make more informed CRO selection decisions. Second, these findings will help CROs optimize operational and marketing strategies to better accommodate small and emerging biopharma companies.

As these companies continue to increase their role in drug development and innovation, the publisher knows the importance of keeping a pulse on this subset. Our goal remains the same-provide quality market research to ensure both sponsors and providers can glean what they need to make the best decisions possible for their clinical development programs and service offerings.

What You Will Learn:

Small & Emerging Sponsors:

  • Make smarter CRO outsourcing decisions by learning which service providers line up with your company's needs
  • Discover the CRO attributes driving outsourcing choices for Phase II/III clinical research, as well as which attributes are increasing in importance over the last 12 months among industry peers
  • Find which CROs have the highest customer loyalty scores - as determined via customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend, and likelihood to use again ratings

Service Providers:

  • Refine your marketing efforts by focusing on what customers say makes your organization stand out to small & emerging biopharma companies
  • Uncover the factors influencing small & emerging sponsor outsourcing preferences, and which factors are increasing in importance for future outsourcing

Major Topics:

  • Service Provider Selection Process
  • Service Provider Perceptions and Interactions
  • Study Data
  • Demographics

Key Topics Covered:

1. Service Provider Selection Process

  • Primary Section Takeaways
  • Preferred Provider Agreements
  • Number of Preferred Providers
  • Selection Drivers: No Preferred Providers
  • Service Provider Attributes Gaining Importance
  • No Preferred Providers
  • Use of Outside Consultants
  • Respondent Comments

2. Service Provider Perceptions and Interactions

  • Primary Section Takeaways
  • Leadership, Familiarity, and Use
  • Service Provider Preference
  • Service Provider Preference among Users
  • Cost Perceptions
  • Cost Experience among Users
  • Summary Table
  • CRO Loyalty
  • Respondent Comments

3. Study Data

  • Phase II/III Leaders, Unprompted
  • Phase II/III Leaders, Prompted
  • Service Provider Familiarity
  • Service Provider Familiarity - Additional Providers
  • Service Provider Usage
  • Service Provider Preference
  • Service Provider Differentiation
  • Service Provider Cost Perceptions
  • Use of Preferred Providers
  • Number of Preferred Providers
  • Selection Drivers: Selecting among Preferred Providers
  • Preferred Provider Attributes Gaining Importance
  • Selection Drivers: When Not Using Preferred Providers
  • Selection Drivers: No Preferred Providers
  • Service Provider Attributes Gaining Importance:
  • No Preferred Providers
  • Use of Outside Consultants
  • Outside Consultant Assistance

4. Demographics

  • Company Type
  • Headquarters Location
  • Office Location
  • Job Title
  • Decision-making Responsibility
  • Outsourcing Involvement by Phase
  • Involvement in Clinical Development
  • Therapeutic Areas of Responsibility
  • Years of Industry Experience
  • Age
  • About the Publisher

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