R3 Continuum Announces New Employee Webinar Series to Help Employees Transition Back into the Next Workplace Normal

Webinar series focuses on providing educational content and resources to support employee overall wellbeing during transition


MINNEAPOLIS, July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- R3 Continuum (R3c), a global leader in workplace behavioral health, crisis, and security solutions, has announced the launch of a new webinar series that focuses on providing educational content for employees as many workplaces have started to begin transitioning their employees back to the next normal. The new webinar series will feature an R3 Continuum subject matter expert in a monthly, 30-minute moderated discussion. Individuals can register for each episode at https://r3c.com/webinar-resource-page/.

The first webinar in the series, titled “Tackling the Fear of Re-entry into the Workplace,” will be July 27th and feature R3c Associate Medical Director Tyler Arvig, PsyD, LP. After spending the past year mastering the art of working remotely, transitioning back to an office may bring about feelings of fear, anxiety or stress for employees. This webinar will help to address some of the concerns employees might have about returning to work in person, such as: What can I expect upon returning to work? How do I ensure my own comfort and the comfort of my coworkers? What are some ways I manage my emotions when returning to work? Will my productivity be affected?

“As employees begin to navigate these changes in the next several months,” says Arvig, “it will be crucial for employers to provide their workforce with resources to help them adjust and maintain their resiliency and overall wellbeing.”

R3c’s new webinar series is designed to help employees be well-informed, aware, prepared, and reassured as they re-enter the new work environment. The series aims to provide employees with takeaway tools they can use to practice key skills, such as self-care, self-coping and self-protection. These skills will be necessary to navigate the next normal at the workplace. In these 30-minute monthly webinars, employees will strengthen their psychological and physical safety and become better equipped to handle challenges they may face throughout the year.

Employers and their employees can register for the first webinar here then watch for new ones in the series at https://r3c.com/our-resources/.

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