Just Released: The Nebraska Venture Capital Ecosystem Review

Innosphere Ventures' analyses of investment data from PitchBook shows Nebraska has healthy seed-stage investment ecosystem

Omaha, Nebraska, July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The newly released Nebraska Venture Capital Ecosystem Review covers investment trends shaping the state’s venture ecosystem and reveals challenges for up-and-coming innovation hotspots. Not only did Nebraska end 2020 with venture capital (VC) deals significantly outpacing 2019 in annual deal value, but the state is also on course to beat that annual deal value as 2021 unfolds.

The data suggests that Nebraska has built a healthy seed-stage investment ecosystem, as the state’s local investors do a remarkable job backing seed-stage and series A deals. However, when it comes to later-stage investments, it’s the cross-state investors that are commanding total deal value.

This Nebraska report comes less than two weeks after Innosphere released its Colorado Venture Capital Ecosystem Review.

In Nebraska, 2021 is off to a solid and steady start with 15 VC deals closed which have generated a total of $139 million in cumulative deal value. This already sets 2021 as the 3rd best year for VC deals, only behind 2015 and 2018, which saw enormous deals from Hudl and Monolith Materials. The strong first half of 2021 could result in the state’s most significant year if more deals follow. Nebraska is ready for an increase in VC activity and startup growth, especially with public and private efforts to help accelerate the success of science and tech industries.

Download and read the full report: https://innosphereventures.org/investors/

Reporters: Please contact Emily Wilson at 970-222-3493 or emily@innosphere.org to request an emailed copy of the report.


Innosphere analyzed data from PitchBook to produce the “Nebraska Venture Capital Ecosystem Review” to cover investment trends shaping Nebraska’s venture ecosystem and spotlight opportunities as the COVID-19 crisis gives way to recovery. Download a copy at: https://innosphereventures.org/investors/ Mike Freeman, CEO & General Partner of Innosphere Ventures Fund, a seed and series A venture capital fund leading investment rounds in B2B companies who are driving innovation in SaaS software, Cleantech and MedTech sectors.

Through active management, a proprietary deal flow, and a proven process for supporting early exit returns for limited partners, Innosphere Ventures Fund is positioned to invest in the most promising founders and high-tech companies in the Mid-America Mountain Plains Region.

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