Widen and Clarifai Enhance Partnership With Computer Vision for DAM

A Widen partner since 2017, Clarifai builds upon its AI metadata tagging service for DAM with a visual similarity search that finds related assets

MADISON, Wis., July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Widen, maker of digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) software, and Clarifai, a leading AI lifecycle platform provider for managing unstructured image, video, text, and audio data, today announced an advancement in their partnership. Clarifai, which powers AI metadata tagging in the Widen Collective®, has introduced a visual similarity search that instantly finds related images. It will enable Widen users to save time and money spent on manual DAM processes while improving their return on content investments.

In 2017, Widen and Clarifai partnered to bring AI metadata generation into the Collective. This service generates metadata 100x faster than manual processing, at a 90% lower cost, in 53 languages. Many DAM administrators use the Clarifai platform to take the first pass on new content. This saves time and makes new content available to marketing, e-commerce, and sales teams faster. It also makes untagged stock images searchable with descriptive keywords.

Clarifai’s visual search capabilities take DAM AI to the next level. Widen users can now select an asset and let the AI find visually related photos. This capability serves users searching for images connected to a specific product category, geographic location, demographic, theme, or style. Visual similarity search surfaces assets that might not otherwise be found and published. Thus, it can improve the return on investing in content.

“Stock imagery is uploaded to our DAM solution by people throughout our marketing department,” says John George, Digital Asset/Application Manager at Milestone. “Clarifai helps add enough context to photos to make them immediately accessible until I can fully tag and categorize them. Clarifai reduces the amount of time I spend tagging photographs, which is the most labor-intensive part of DAM administration. Image search-ability supports reuse, which reduces project costs across the organization.”

“Increasingly, AI is a must-have for DAM solutions,” said Alfredo Ramos, Sr. Vice President of Platform at Clarifai. “Our platform especially suits powerful systems like the Widen Collective, which serves enterprises with thousands of employees spanning numerous cultures, languages, and image sources. We are glad to partner with Widen in helping organizations use their DAM system to its fullest potential.”

“Clarifai is a true leader in AI applications for DAM and serves our users by improving the searchability and discoverability of their content,” said Jamie Liechty, Partner Manager at Widen. “Today, Widen users gain the ability to search by image, which is a game-changer during time-sensitive projects. By saving countless hours for users, this partnership with Clarifai improves the Widen experience and delivers true ROI for our customers.”

About Clarifai
Clarifai is the leading independent provider of deep learning AI for unstructured data. Clarifai was founded in 2013 by Matt Zeiler, Ph.D. after winning the top 5 places at ImageNet with the goal of delivering state-of-the-art AI technologies to enterprises and organizations around the world. Clarifai offers the most powerful platform for the end-to-end AI lifecycle, UIs that unleash deep learning for every skill set and the best solutions to important use cases. The company has raised $40M from Union Square Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Lux Capital, NVIDIA, Google Ventures and Qualcomm. Clarifai continues to grow with 100+ employees and offices in Wilmington, Delaware, San Francisco and Tallinn, Estonia.

About Widen
Established in 1948, Widen helps brands deliver content with confidence. Their cloud-based DAM and PIM software, the Widen Collective®, empowers marketers to bring content together, send it anywhere, and automate in-between. Trusted by more than 700 companies and one million users, Widen boasts a 73-year track record of innovation and customer success. Customers include Dyson, New Balance, Crayola, and Hootsuite.

Widen is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, USA and London, UK. For more information, visit www.widen.com.

Jake Athey
VP Marketing and Customer Experience