Global and China AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Markets 2021-2025: Classification, Industrial Chain, Sales Model, RoI, Sales and Scale, Competition Pattern, Distribution, Domestic Peers


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In 2020, although the epidemic disrupted the existing order of life, work and production, and although the current epidemic is still spreading all over the world, China's resumption of work and production has already entered a normal state. In contrast to the pessimistic atmosphere at the beginning of 2020, it was positive and optimistic at the beginning of 2021, especially in the field of robots. In 2020, China's robot market can be said to have grown beyond expectations, among which mobile robots are the most outstanding ones.

From the perspective of capital, 2020 can be said to be a key node in China's mobile robot (AGV) industry. China's AGV (including AMR) industry can be regarded as one of the hottest fields in the robot industry in terms of number of enterprises, financing cases, industry popularity, growth and attention. In 2020, the financing amount of China's mobile robot (AGV) industry exceeded 2.4 billion yuan, with 16 financing cases, with an average financing amount exceeding 150 million yuan.

The industry label of mobile robot manufacturers in the manufacturing scene is becoming more and more obvious. Under the increasingly crowded track, the non-standard personalized demand forces mobile robot manufacturers to evolve from product thinking to solution thinking. The integration of production line manufacturing and production line logistics continues to deepen, and it will gradually become one of the necessary options for mobile robot manufacturers to seek deep cooperation with industrial robot system integrators.

From the perspective of fixed asset investment in downstream industries, the overall private fixed asset investment in manufacturing industry is still in a positive climbing state in 2020, and some sub-sectors have begun to show obvious signs of recovery, such as 3C industry and new energy industry.

Multiple factors such as the continuous improvement of technology and application maturity of superimposed AGV and the continuous appearance of cost-performance advantages can be judged or will benefit the demand for AGV to a great extent. It is expected that China's AGV market will continue its high heat and steady growth in 2021.

From the market and product level, what can be foreseen in 2021 is:

  • The industrial AMR market has entered the critical period of industrialization landing card. On the one hand, the competition among manufacturers will become increasingly fierce; On the other hand, most manufacturers will continue to promote a new round of financing. At the end of 2021, it is expected that more than five AMR manufacturers will achieve profitability, and some manufacturers will initially meet the listing standards in science and technology innovation board.
  • After industrial AMR, forklift AGV entered the high heat zone, with the rapid increase of incoming customers, intensified market competition, and the downward acceleration of product prices. It is estimated that the market sales growth rate will exceed 40%.
  • In the past, the winner-take-all thinking in robot industry, such as winner-take-all and all-category layout, was gradually replaced by the military rule of uniting Lian Heng, and more mobile robot manufacturers began to team up and build circles and work together to fight strange things, and more manufacturers began to actively seek in-depth complementarity and cooperation from high-quality partners.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Classification of AGV
1.1 Definition of AGV
1.2 Classification of AGV

2. Analysis of AGV industrial chain
2.1 Core Components
2.2 AGV ontology
2.3 System Integrators

3 Analyzes the sales model of AGV products
3.1 AGV product price analysis
3.1.1 Product price
3.1.2 the price trend analysis
3.2 Enterprise product price distribution
3.3 Product price difference analysis

4. Analyzes the return on investment of AGV products
4.1 AGV life analysis
4.2 AGV cost structure analysis
4.2.1 AGV system cost
4.2.2 After-sales service cost

5. Sales and Scale of AGV Market
5.1 Global AGV development status
5.1.1 Global AGV market scale
5.1.2 Global AGV market competition
5.1.3 Global AGV development model
5.2 Global AGV application market analysis
5.2.1 Distribution of global AGV application industry
5.2.2 The development trend of the global AGV application market
5.3 Comparison of AGV Development between China and Foreign Countries
5.3.1 AGV technology gap between China and foreign countries
5.3.2 The AGV price gap between China and foreign countries
5.4 Sales volume and forecast of AGV market in China
5.5 China AGV market scale and forecast

6. Analysis of AGV Market Competition Pattern
6.1 Product type analysis
6.2 Analysis of Enterprise Share
6.2.1 AGV enterprise type analysis
6.2.2 Foreign-funded brand enterprises
6.3 Domestic brand enterprises
6.4 Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Capital Market Share

7. Analysis of Application Distribution in AGV Industry
7.1 Distribution of AGV sales in various industries in China market
7.2 Predicts the application of AGV in China market in various industries
7.2.1 Automobile industry
7.2.2 3C industry
7.2.3 New energy industry
7.2.4 Express/e-commerce/retail industry
7.2.5 Electric power inspection industry
7.2.6 Medical industry

8 Analysis of Domestic Peers

Companies Mentioned

  • Siasun Robot & Automation Co., Ltd.
  • KSEC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Machinery Technology Development Co. Ltd.
  • CSG Smart Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jaten Robot & Automation Co., Ltd.
  • Geek+
  • Quicktron Intelligent Technology
  • Libiao Robot Co., Ltd.
  • Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Yonegy Logistics Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Noblelift Equipment Joint Stock Co., Ltd.
  • Jingyuan Mechano-Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Triowin Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Casun Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd.

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