New Kids App “WizUp” Combines Education with Entertainment to Make Screen Time Learning Time

WizUp combines popular children’s programming with grade-level learning to promote productive screen time

Orlando, Florida, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla., July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parents Aleem and Natasha Kanji are no strangers to screen time struggles; frustrated with the lack of app options to keep their boys entertained, safe, and engaged in learning, they actually created their own - WizUp.

The new WizUp app, which launches today, infuses education with entertainment, offering parents a solution that finally lets them feel good – not guilty – about screen time.

Created for kids ages 2-11, WizUp incorporates educational questions into popular children’s shows to ensure kids are both learning and entertained while on their devices. WizUp presents kids with questions that pop up while watching a video, pausing the content until the child answers the question. WizUp gives parents a way to test children organically and reduce the “summer slide,” and gives kids the confidence they need to help them excel in the classroom.

“More than 70% of parents with children under 11 are concerned about screen time, and when you add to that the stress that comes with constantly monitoring content to ensure it’s appropriate, it can become overwhelming for many families,” says Natasha Kanji, Co-Founder of WizUp. “WizUp is a win-win because it allows parents to make screen time safe and educational, and it transforms any video into a learning adventure that keeps kids engaged.”

As full-time working parents, Aleem and Natasha understood that screen time was inevitable to keep their boys entertained and occupied while they were taking work calls or trying to get dinner on the table. The couple tried many of today’s leading educational apps but couldn’t find anything that kept their boys, ages 6 and 3, engaged. Wanting to prevent them from becoming “screen zombies,” Aleem and Natasha set out to create a new app to fill the void, one that made screen time educational and fun while alleviating all of their safety concerns.

WizUp’s library features hundreds of questions per age category designed to support school curriculum and teach grade-level skills in areas like math, spelling, punctuation, and reading comprehension. Questions are formatted to mirror most classroom quizzes such as fill in the blank, multiple choice, greater than/less than, and compare/contrast.

Parents have full control over every aspect of WizUp. After creating their child’s profile, parents select the content accessible to the child while using the app, eliminating the stress of constantly needing to monitor what their kids are watching. Parents also determine the length of each session along with the frequency and timing of the questions.

Additional features of WizUp:

  • Up to five profiles per account, each customizable based on the child’s age and grade level
  • Content library featuring thousands of kid-friendly, parent-approved shows and videos from platforms like PBS Kids, Netflix Jr., Marvel HQ, and LEGO stream directly through the WizUp app
  • Easy-to-read reports detailing content viewed, questions answered, and progress made by the child, giving parents an effective way to pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Ability to create incentives and personalized rewards to keep children motivated

WizUp is compatible with iOS and Android and is now available for download in the App Store and on Google Play with a free 30-day trial for new users, followed by a $4.99/month subscription fee.

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About  WizUp  
Created by parents Aleem and Natasha Kanji, WizUp is a one-of-a-kind educational platform that allows parents and educators to enhance pre-K through elementary-aged learning and development while keeping young children entertained and engaged in the process. WizUp offers a fun and safe approach to screen time, giving parents and educators full control over a child’s learning while eliminating the stress that comes with monitoring screen time. With WizUp, parents can feel good, not guilty, about screen time knowing their child is learning critical skills to boost confidence and excel in the classroom. Completely customizable and designed for children ages 2-11, WizUp is now available in the App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit
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