PlayPower® Announces First Major Attraction Protected by Antimicrobial Coating PlayArmor™

PlayArmor Helps Keep Popular Space Coast Play Space Safe From Germs

Huntersville, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla., July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PlayPower®, the world’s largest commercial playground and recreational equipment manufacturer, has announced that Planet Play at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the first interactive attraction treated with PlayArmor™, an industry-first antimicrobial coating specifically targeted for use on playgrounds.

Introduced by PlayPower last November for use on the company’s brands of indoor and outdoor play equipment, PlayArmor is based on technology that’s scientifically proven to create an effective, safe and active surface barrier against germs. Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the antimicrobial coating withstands pressure washing and remains on playground surfaces to which it is applied for up to 90 days.

“Safety is absolutely vital to PlayPower, so adding antimicrobial protection to our products through PlayArmor is a perfect fit for us and for our customers’ venues,” said Ken Schober, vice president of PlayPower’s Indoor Play division. “It is our hope that, like Planet Play, tourist destinations and community playgrounds everywhere will turn to PlayArmor to keep play equipment safe.”

PlayPower is the exclusive distributor of PlayArmor, made by Clearstream® Technologies. In addition to its application on commercial playgrounds, PlayArmor can be applied to site amenities such as picnic tables and benches. 

Planet Play, which debuted in January, is a fully immersive, multiple-story play experience for space explorers ages 2-12. Children can explore and learn as they play among replicas of planets and enjoy numerous interactive gaming and artistic components designed to create a deeper understanding of space. Kids have the chance to map a constellation, climb a worm hole, walk on Saturn’s rings, slide through an asteroid field and more.

Soft Play, a division of PlayPower, collaborated with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to design some of the interactive components and manufactured physical activities. Additionally, the venue’s giant planets, Sun, satellites, Mars rover, Moon rocks and lunar module were produced in the Soft Play fabrication studio. Our artists’ goal was to create a truly memorable learning experience.

PlayArmor, which is safe for people and the environment, was applied to equipment in Planet Play and will be reapplied several times per year, as part of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s commitment to being a Trusted Space.

“PlayArmor is a great product that has allowed us to safely operate Planet Play and allow kids the space to creatively play and learn among the planets,” said Therrin Protze, chief operating officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “We are committed to providing a safe, trusted space for our visitors, and future explorers of all ages.”

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About PlayArmor™
The active ingredient in PlayArmor is categorized as a silane quaternary ammonium. This is a well-established class of antimicrobials that enact a “mechanical kill” rather than a “chemical kill.” In effect, PlayArmor penetrates the cell wall of the microbe, killing it by rupturing the cell membrane. Other antimicrobials on the market poison cells to kill them, creating the potential for antimicrobial-resistant superbugs. That is not possible with PlayArmor. PlayArmor does not protect against airborne transmission of viruses. Therefore, mask wearing, social distancing and other protective measures are still recommended during indoor and outdoor play, and standard cleaning protocols should continue.

About PlayPower®
PlayPower, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of outdoor recreational products and is the world’s largest, fully integrated manufacturer of commercial playground equipment, surfacing solutions, floating dock systems and lifts for boats and personal watercraft, shade solutions and site furnishings. The company is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina, with offices and manufacturing facilities in Monett, Missouri; Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; Englewood, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; Nogales, Mexico; Selby, England; Perth, Scotland; Sosnowiec, Poland; and Aneby, Sweden. PlayPower’s goal is to lead the market in all areas in which it competes and to continue to bring innovation and fun to the marketplace.

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