People. Processes. Technology. Together. Explore IntelliChief’s Proven Playbook for Automating Accounts Payable and Order Processing

Join IntelliChief and the Houston Regional User Group (HUG) on July 22 for a webinar exploring strategies to help businesses improve back-office productivity and deliver better customer experiences with process automation and content management.

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Tampa, FL, July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a post-COVID world, it is important to formulate a plan for future financial success. Organizations can find themselves at risk of losing money due to preventable, mismanaged manual practices, poorly executed processes, and accidental duplication of important documents such as invoices or customer purchase orders. Failure to properly manage these manual, repetitive tasks can lead to a whole range of issues – especially in today’s climate.

IntelliChief’s process automation and content management capabilities simplify and improve how you do business at every touchpoint. Join us for Process Automation Playbook: From Accounts Payable to Sales Orders and Beyond to learn how to set up a successful financial path for your enterprise organization.


To manage your content and business processes, you need a solution that fits the way you work and not the other way around. In this session, you will explore IntelliChief’s proven playbook for streamlining operations, improving process visibility, and removing tedious obstacles that prevent profitability. Our playbook will help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of the end-to-end use cases for process automation in various areas of your organization, including Accounts Payable, Sales and Fulfillment, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, etc.
  • Eliminate manual data entry that results in customer/vendor information errors
  • Understand how to leverage real-time JD Edwards integration to help streamline processes such as touchless invoice processing, validate line items with the corresponding purchase order, and more
  • Empower workflows to eliminate redundancies that cause bottlenecks in production
  • Receive real-time data verification within your JD Edwards ERP system and other line of business applications, ensuring consistent, accurate transactions
  • Accelerate order fulfillment by automating departmental approvals
  • Improve order processing visibility throughout each transaction


About IntelliChief

IntelliChief is the emerging leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Accounts Payable Automation, and Sales Order Automation. Leveraging advanced OCR, powerful workflows, document management, and analytics, IntelliChief eliminates manual processes and automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks to help businesses secure a decisive competitive advantage.

As a trusted Oracle Gold Partner, IntelliChief is recognized for its robust, configurable solutions and secure integrations with ERP systems and applications. Hundreds of customers in every industry depend on IntelliChief as a strategic partner to help them digitize documents, standardize business processes, and automate Accounts Payable, Sales Orders, Human Resources, and more.

The IntelliChief team is committed to serving our customers, community, and country by guiding them through Digital Transformation and exemplifying what is possible with an ardent dedication to innovation and progress.


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