PortPro Launches drayOS Mobile – The First App-Based Operating System for Drayage Truckers

LONG BEACH, Calif., July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PortPro, the premier technology provider for the drayage industry, today introduced drayOS Mobile, a new mobile application that allows owner operators and small carriers to run their business from the palm of their hand. The drayOS Mobile app debuts this summer in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, two of the largest and busiest ports in the United States.

“Running a business in the drayage industry today is harder than ever,” said Michael Mecca, CEO of PortPro. “There are numerous variables that make it really difficult to operate, like demurrage, per diem, port congestion and equipment shortages - which, most of the time, are out of the trucker’s control. Additionally, drayage truckers have to source and manage their work which is challenging in itself”.

The PortPro team built drayOS Mobile to give owner operators and small carriers access to software that addresses these challenges directly from their smartphone via an easy-to-use mobile app. It operates similarly for larger carriers who manage their operations using PortPro’s web-based Transportation Management System, drayOS.

“This is not another digital freight broker’s mobile application for truck drivers,” said Mr. Mecca. “This is the first centralized mobile app allowing carriers to manage their own existing business outside of PortPro’s network, while opening doors to potential new business within PortPro’s network”.

drayOS Mobile features two key benefits :

  1. Manage your work on-the-go: drayOS Mobile offers the ability to regularly communicate with customers; create and dispatch loads; onboard drivers and track locations; check container availability and last free days; invoice customers; sync with accounting (e.g., QuickBooks); manage collections; full reporting and analytics; and manage safety precautions and maintenance – all done from one app.
  2. Source new work: Small carriers and owner operators will also have access to PortPro’s exclusive carrier network where they’ll be able to view and accept available loads posted by PortPro’s existing drayOS carriers.

drayOS Mobile comes at the perfect time -- especially in California with the uncertainty of the AB5 legislation looming. This requires owner operators to either work as full time W2 employees or start their own trucking company.

According to Luis Molina, Founder of KONTAINEROZ and driver activist in the Long Beach/Los Angeles Ports, “a tool like this is long overdue. drayOS Mobile will put small carriers in a position to operate like some of the big carriers, help us run independently, and enable growth of our businesses”.

PortPro is building upon its web-based TMS’ drayOS, which provides a one stop-shop for carriers - backed by a highly-qualified customer service team who understand the industry.

For more on PortPro, visit www.portpro.io. Check out PortPro’s new podcast – a candid discussion with Toni Ann Careccio, Director of Marketing and Michael Mecca CEO and Founder – on the issues facing the drayage industry, and how drayOS Mobile helps truckers manage and grow their businesses.

Contact: Linda Rigano
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