New Art Book Release Date: October 1, 2021 by Santo Cervello from Actor’s Corner Café

“Time Gates The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello” Volume II


SOLVANG, Calif., July 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The colorful, compelling art images of Santo Cervello, are interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry and philosophical discourses as part of his many books. It is as if you enter, a very unique theater, where everything brims with rich imagery, vibrancy and dynamism.

The global pandemic is revealed through the undercurrents of Santo’s art.

The characters are bold, daring and nakedly honest in their expressions. Coming out from their portals, they stare from the painted canvas straight into your eyes.

The artist downloads the Time Gate of a Great Transition when we all become part of Humanity as One. We dedicate this art book to the millions of loved ones who departed from us, in the year 2020 - 21.

Foreword by Grace Lebecka from the book.

I came to a realization that Santo was capturing the transition of our world collapsing with our experiences of terror, isolation and the departure of so many people. The time of present and past intersected and merged with each other. There is a feeling of unexpected and abrupt change.

From the ancient past the painted characters move through the fluid gates of recorded memories. Fantastical, dreamlike images suddenly appear. A computerised revolution and a brain shift of humanity.

Is it a fantasy-dream or future reality? Does it take place here on Earth or in some distant galaxy? Welcome to the “Time Gates Volume Two.”

About the Author & Artist

Santo Cervello, has worked as actor-director and writer-producer in Canadian Theatre presenting innovative and transformative drama that reached millions of people in Canada, the US and Great Britain.

He wrote plays for the CBC and BBC radio and a TV series for Singapore Television and performed in Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City. In 1972 Mr. Cervello established the Erewhon Theatre which awakened passions and created vibrant trends in Canadian Theatre until 2011. With his wife Grace, they now live in California and are currently working on the upcoming “Time Gates” - volume 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Here come some interesting, original books, encompassing 5 volumes. The titles and images will make you stop to think. It is poetry and earthly delights, in a drama of everyday life.

“This Time Gates” volume reflects a diverse, professional background of its author: From an art painter/actor/director/writer/producer/chef and an entrepreneur.

Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network “Time Gates Volume I, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello,” is now available to 40,000 retailers and can be purchased on Amazon:

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The front cover of "Time Gates" by Santo Cervello Volume 1,2.3.4 &5 The back cover of "Time Gates" by Santo Cervello Crystal Palace" by Santo Cervello from "Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello" Volume II