Arca Launches First Actively Managed Income Fund In The Digital Assets Space

The new Arca Digital Yield Fund is an opportunistic income-focused fund seeking consistent, low double-digit effective yields with minimal volatility.

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arca, an asset management firm focused on investing and innovating in digital assets, today announced the launch of the Arca Digital Yield Fund, the first actively managed income fund in the digital assets space.

Arca seeks to capitalize on opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem by leveraging its extensive investment experience, established risk management processes, and the Arca Digital Assets Fund trading and operations infrastructure. The Arca Digital Yield Fund seeks to provide digital asset investment opportunities with minimal volatility and targets low double-digit effective yields. The fund was opened with early access capital from internal and existing investors, and will be available for external/public interest later this year. 

“As our goal is to make Arca the single destination for investors seeking thoughtful, differentiated exposure to digital assets, we continue to innovate - now introducing the industry’s first actively-managed income fund, the Arca Digital Yield Fund,” said Rayne Steinberg, CEO of Arca. “We are taking the years of operational experience gained managing our broad, flagship fund, where income-producing strategies were an important feature, and creating a new product. We have been maturing this product for quite some time and now that the ecosystem, opportunity set and investor demand have reached advantageous levels, we are launching this defined yield product.” 

The Arca Digital Yield Fund will be jointly managed by CIO Jeff Dorman and Portfolio Manager Hassan Bassiri, CFA. Bassiri, a Vice President at Arca, brings a lengthy cash flow modeling background from his time at KPMG where he served for ten years on the M&A team, including four years of experience as a DeFi analyst.

Jeff Dorman, Arca's Chief Investment Officer, brings extensive experience in fixed income investing from Merrill Lynch, Citadel and Lehman Brothers that he will apply to yield generating techniques in digital assets. He added, "We believe an actively managed fund is a better option than the passive yield generating options currently available in the market due to its flexible structure, allowing us to take advantage of variable rates of return across different segments of the asset class. We will leverage our team's experience, using similar and complementary strategies to those already employed by our other digital assets funds. As the digital asset ecosystem continues to mature, Arca is leading investors through new territory with the same focus on market strategy, capital preservation and growth, and investment risk.”

Join us on Tuesday, August 24th for an Introduction to the Arca Digital Yield Fund followed by a Q&A with CIO, Jeff Dorman, CFA, and Portfolio Manager, Hassan Bassiri, CFA. 

About Arca

Arca is an asset management firm investing and innovating in digital assets. Our mission is to offer asset management products that meet the operational, compliance, legal, and regulatory standards needed for sophisticated investors to gain exposure to digital assets. Arca’s product set includes actively-managed hedge funds, passive vehicles, and first-to-market blockchain transferred funds (“BTFs”), developed by our innovation division, Arca Labs. Arca was the first registered fund to issue shares via the blockchain, which integrates blockchain’s peer-to-peer technology and instant settlement features with traditional investment vehicles. Arca’s founders and senior team members have worked in traditional finance and FinTech across many asset classes and are working to bring the best of traditional finance practices to digital assets to deliver the right product to the right investor at the right time. Learn more about Arca: 



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