Homepie Delivers the Best Real Estate Contract & Negotiation App that auto-generates a Purchase Contract

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., Aug. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Homepie, Inc®, a provider of do-it-yourself tools for homebuyers and sellers who wish to transact without a real estate broker, announced the launch of their latest innovation in real estate – a digital offer & negotiation tool to contract for purchasing a home.

Homepie is an innovative, technological response to the market’s strong demand for a space that enables home buyers and sellers to connect directly. Many people are surprised to learn that no law exists that forces a home seller to work with a licensed agent to sell their property. In most circumstances, people prefer to work with an experienced and knowledgeable professional as they navigate through the process of searching for a buyer and transacting on the sale of their home – but the primary role of the agent is to help negotiate the transaction. So, what if home buyers and sellers would rather take the reins themselves?

Homepie’s website & webapp provide a safe and secure platform for negotiating real estate deals online directly from the seller. It is a sure choice for those who would like to personally coordinate and manage contracts; all the legal documentation, forms, and paperwork needed for property transactions are available to consumers on Homepie.com – along with advertising the home on many websites including MLS, Zillow, Redfin, and hundreds of others.

According to Brad Rice, CEO at Homepie, “There are about nine key areas to consider when submitting an offer on a home. These are called offer conditions and contingencies.” Anyone can make an offer on a home at Homepie.com using the simple wizard that is complete with helpful tips and videos that explain each element; it is fully backed by exceptional live support from the Homepie team.

Once submitted, the home seller is immediately alerted to the receipt of the offer and is provided with an easy comparison view that allows the seller to rank the offers however they like. Best of all, the Homepie negotiation platform allows all counteroffers to be managed by the buyer and seller using the same process.

Carlsbad homeowners, David Benton and his wife, listed their home on Homepie on a Friday afternoon. During the weekend, the property was viewed by roughly 16 buyers – five of which submitted offers. The Benton’s used Homepie’s wizard to negotiate multiple counteroffers and then accepted a final buyer’s offer on Sunday evening for $1.350 million; that was $250,0000 over their $1.1 million asking price. Using Homepie, the Benton’s represented themselves in the sale, but did pay a 2% commission to the buyer’s agent, which saved a whopping $54,000 by not paying listing agent commissions.

About Homepie

Homepie is the place where savvy consumers go for commission-free help to buy or sell homes. Today, nearly one in 10 home sales already close directly between buyer and seller without a real estate agent. Now, with Homepie’s central online marketplace and a simple step-by-step process, anyone can do the same with confidence. Homepie has all the tools to list, market, search, view, offer, negotiate, and auto-generate a purchase agreement that is digitally signed. Best of all, they offer a 100%-free Homepie listing for consumers, as the recommended service providers (photography, insurance, inspectors, etc.) cover the costs. Homepie takes the worry and guesswork out of home buying and selling. Learn how at homepie.com

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Homepie Delivers the Best Real Estate Contract & Negotiation App