Western Sierra Resource Corporation Announces 69% Increase in Previously Projected Revenues to $4.6 Billion, Expansion of Claims by Additional 660 Acres and Engagement of Mining Contractors at Sage Hen Mine. Video and Mining Report Posted on Website

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo., Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WESTERN SIERRA RESOURCE CORPORATION (OTC: WSRC) is pleased to announce results of an ‘Assay Review and Enhanced Recovery Report’ (July 21, 2021) commissioned with California’s R&P, LLC (James C. Cousino, PhD, Principal).* The R&P Report determines that a 69% recovery rate increase from the Company’s earlier estimates is likely—translating to projected net annual revenues of $4.6 billion (versus $3.2 billion) at scale of 1100 tons of ore processed per day. The R&P Report was initiated prior to the Company’s acquisition of 70% of SSMG’s common stock (announced June 30, 2021). This Report will be updated continuously through the requisite 90-day permitting process during which allowable testing and preliminary on-site development is taking place, and thereafter concurrent with full production. Upon permit approval, the Company will immediately begin construction of the SSMG 100 ton per day Pilot Plant. Prior to, and during Plant construction, off-site processing and ongoing testing by R&P will ensure refinement and optimization of processing protocols to maximize yield balance from gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium present in the mineral-rich source material being extracted at the Sage Hen site. Additional on-site samples were excavated July 19th through July 23rd and delivered to R&P in California for that purpose.

The Company also announces that on July 22, 2021, an Agreement was executed that expands the Sage Hen Mine boundary by 660 acres to a total of 1300 acres. This expansion provides the Company with over 200 years of source material at 1100 tons per day of production at a depth of 100 feet. The Company is also pleased to confirm that Site Works Logistics, LLC has been engaged as SSMG’s development partner for the Sage Hen Project. ‘Site Works’ experience in heavy construction and material handling will be integral in maintaining production schedules and meeting budgetary objectives. Their addition to the SSMG team helps ensure the timely final design approval and fabrication of the 100 ton per day Pilot Plant for subsequent expansion to a capacity of 1100 tons per day.

Many traditional mining companies would be incredulous at SSMG’s recovery results for gold in the 2.86 ounces per ton range. However, the July 21, 2021 R&P “Assay Review and Enhanced Recovery Report” not only validates the accumulated findings of prior Assays completed for the Sage Hen Mining Claims, it also establishes that the proprietary SSMG Microscopic Recovery Technology (utilized by R&P in processing the Sage Hen source material) dramatically increases recovery volumes from those obtained through traditional processing methodologies. Sage Hen Mine Principals and SSMG have demonstrated the efficacy of these “discovery and recovery” protocols and continue to make advancements and improve on results achieved over decades of painstaking effort. The table below reflects these improved results:

Comparison of Sample SAGE HEN Assays Dated 1988 through 2021

Demonstrating Fill Metal Extractions at Scale of 1100 ton Per Day:

Gross revenue$15.103 B$10.134 B$10.40 B
SSMG Revenues$6.66 B$4.469 B$4.586 B
WSRC Revenues$4.662 B$3.1283 B$3.21 B
Range Variation from Previous Projections+69% -1%0%

SSMG Recovery Method
Total Value of Metals/Ton  $38,086
Alternative Recovery Methods  $/ounce7/1988
Total Value of Metals/Ton  $25,591

Alternative Recovery Methods
Total Value of Metals/Ton  $26,260

*James C. Cousino PhD (Cambridge University, University of Canterbury, and Arizona State University) –International Business, Chemistry, and Metallurgy—with focus on Metal Clusters/Nano and Platinum Group Metals.

SSMG’s enhanced Microscopic Recovery Technology utilizes equipment used extensively in other industries, but with additional proprietary chemical and mechanical refinements (and adaptations) that have demonstrated markedly improved recovery rates for each of the precious metals found in the Sage Hen Mine’s Oreana Trend geologic formation. This proprietary process was developed and continuously improved over two decades by the same Principals (Andy Kay and Lonnie Treadwell) who are involved directly in the production and processing operations on-site at the Sage Hen Mine under the General Management of Clifton Turley, SSMG’s President.

A defining difference between traditional methodologies and SSMG’s proprietary process is that SSMG’s technology pretreats the source material which enables detection of precious metals contained in the source material, but which are not necessarily detectable using traditional protocols. Traditional deep extraction methods can be inordinately expensive, and recovery rates low because much of the precious metal content is “undiscoverable” and therefore “unrecoverable.” SSMG’s technology allows it to “discover” and “recover” precious metals mined at shallower depths (and at lower cost) which are not recovered by traditional methodologies.

WSRC and SSMG’s ultimate focus is on efficient recovery using environmentally responsible (without caustic extraction by-product) technologies with greater yield, lower cost, and less disturbance.

Management is confident that these advanced, proprietary methods and superb geological conditions at the Sage Hen Mine will translate to outstanding returns for WSRC’s shareholders.   More news on the direct financial benefit of this project to the shareholders will be provided in the Press Release that follows on August 10, 2021.

Roger Johnson, President and CEO of Western Sierra stated: “We’ve been very pleased with the SSMG Management Professionals, and with the substance and progress of the Sage Hen project since inception—everything has been “as advertised.” However, the further validation of both mineral opportunity and unique recovery process, culminating with receipt of this recent third party “Assay Review and Enhanced Recovery Report” has provided us with new insight as to the unanticipated magnitude of the project through the hard work of our partners over the last two decades. We are diligently recrafting strategies in order to best apply resources to the immediate advantage of the Company, Partners, and Shareholders.”

(Please see the July Sage Hen Mine Report posted on the WSRC Website: westernsierraresourcecorp.com)

About Western Sierra Resource Corporation:

Founded in 1907, Western Sierra Resource Corporation (a Utah corporation), has a 114-year history as a gold and silver mining company with projects in Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico. WSRC currently owns six precious metal reserves in Arizona. In 2014 the Company broadened its vision to include natural (and renewable) resources with its acquisition of water rights and associated infrastructure assets in Colorado for purposes of irrigating and cultivating industrial hemp; processing hemp for manufacture of various building products; and for construction of affordable homes utilizing hemp-based materials—among other beneficial uses. Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural land for these purposes has been recently acquired (closed as of 06.15.21) at a price of $1,400,000, with additional agricultural and residential land also now under a $250,000 non-refundable earnest money purchase contract. WSRC’s intent is to become a broad-based resource company with high value and high-income generating assets including water, agriculture, precious metals, and related technologies.

WSRC is not a subsidiary of any other company. WSRC and Global Hemp Group (GHG) have formed an association through a swap of Preferred Stock to utilize WSRC's $40+ million in Water and Infrastructure Assets and GHG's extensive experience with industrial hemp (and financial resources) in a collaborative effort to develop a Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone ("HAIZ") in Northwest Colorado.

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