OpSec Security launches OpSec® Network Intelligence to neutralize bad actor networks that repeatedly abuse the world’s best brands

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

LANCASTER, Pa., Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpSec Security, a leader in on-product and online authentication and brand protection, has today launched OpSec® Network Intelligence, a patent-pending advanced analytics tool that automatically identifies and reveals large and complex systems of highly sophisticated bad actor networks across multiple online channels. Traditional brand protection solutions only find what’s directly above the surface. Below the surface are large and complex systems of highly sophisticated bad actor networks. These networks engage in criminal activity that infringes upon brands both online and in the real world. As a brand owner, missing the connections between these spaces could increase the risk of threats to your customers and your brand. Powered by OpSec’s proprietary third-generation technology, this new solution identifies infringer networks and enables brands to rapidly take targeted action—both online and on-the-ground—to protect themselves and their customers.

OpSec® Network Intelligence provides end-to-end brand protection by monitoring online content for connections between brand infringements, identifying and swiftly taking down new and emerging threats, delivering data-backed evidence, offering expert support through the litigation process, and providing world-class customer care. With its third-generation technology and proprietary OpSec® ClusterScore, Network Intelligence combs through terabytes of data and instantly identifies which networks are the most valuable targets. It then takes down all their illicit content in a single targeted action. Network Intelligence connects bad actor data across the globe, to take down even the toughest networks. As the only provider with critical mass across all industries, Network Intelligence can warn brands when a known bad actor elsewhere in their industry begins infringing on their brand, stopping new threats before they have a chance to expand. Combined with Network Intelligence, OpSec’s team of expert investigators use additional tools and in-depth research techniques to match online profiles with real-world identities, preparing evidence packages for use in the court room or by law enforcement. Brands can be confident throughout law enforcement and litigation processes by having a true expert at their side.

The latest innovation from OpSec is another demonstration of its ability to innovate and to anticipate our customers’ brand protection needs. “This is a real step forward in brand protection technology. Network Intelligence empowers brands to quickly neutralize vast networks of bad actors, and can be implemented simply and easily into a brand’s protection strategy,” Tim Elton, Director of Brand Product Management at OpSec Security stated. “Some of the biggest frustrations with traditional brand protection strategy include repeated brand abuse by the same offenders, not being able to easily connect online infringers to real-world identities, and the inability to really see the big picture – or the full scope of the problem. OpSec® Network Intelligence was created to not only address and solve these frustrations, but to enable both preventative and proactive strategies.”

OpSec® Network Intelligence is ideal for organizations of all sizes across all industries. It enables powerful, effective action against networks of bad actors that target your brand and is supported by a global best-in-class service team with years of deep industry experience. Providing comprehensive cross-channel brand protection solutions and leveraging industry-leading technology, OpSec empowers brands to visualize the big picture and connect data across online spaces to see a complete view of the problems they may not even be aware of. Learn more about OpSec® Network Intelligence and contact the experts at OpSec to take swift action to protect your brand and your consumers.

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