SureHire and Highmark Interactive Forge Partnership Enabling Real-time Mental Wellness Assessments

Partnership enables employees to assess and monitor mental wellness and brain health performance in real-time

TORONTO, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SureHire, a revolutionary occupational testing company renowned for providing testing services that foster foundations for safe, healthy, and productive workforces, today announced a strategic partnership with Highmark Interactive, an award-winning digital health company, to provide organizations access to practical, upstream, evidence-based solutions to assess and improve employee mental wellness and brain health through its innovative EQ at Work Solution.

Highmark’s EQ at Work solution is a highly interactive, gamified mobile application that allows employees to assess and monitor their mental wellness and brain health based on variables including reaction time, reasoning, memory, balance, and stress levels. By accessing Highmark’s EQ at Work solution, the employees of SureHire’s clients will have access to a digital health platform that can assist them in optimizing their brain and mental health. This may include engaging with healthcare professionals earlier leading to improved mental and brain health outcomes. At the organizational level, SureHire’s clients will be able to analyze aggregated anonymized data to provide customized solutions that allow earlier intervention tailored to their employee’s specific wellness needs. This integration enables businesses to take a more proactive, data-driven approach to manage mental wellness risks and help optimize employee health and productivity.

“With EQ at Work, we help organizations deliver an easier, faster, and more relevant way to assess mental wellness and brain health based on a unique understanding of dynamic brain function,” said Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, CEO of Highmark Interactive. “We’re extremely excited to partner with SureHire to help empower employers with leading tools that will help enhance employee wellness now and into the future.”

“At SureHire, we work with our clients to find customized solutions that reduce risk and create a culture of health and safety excellence. Our partnership with Highmark signifies the importance of innovation and adaptability, as well as our commitment to our clients in offering high-quality services that keep our workforces and communities safe.” – Wayne St. John, Director of Sales & Marketing

About SureHire

SureHire is North America's one-stop-shop for occupational testing services. With 18 years in the industry and an extensive network of testing facilities, SureHire helps thousands of clients across many sectors find ideal employees. SureHire offers peace of mind through personalized service, innovative technology, and 5-star training resources. In the past decade alone, SureHire has taken its expertise from assessment development and safety training to create an unparalleled suite of services that include staffing solutions (e.g. background checks), training programs (e.g. reasonable suspicion training) as well as customized on-site and in-facility occupational testing for pre-employment, post-incident, and return-to-duty testing.

About Highmark Interactive

Founded in 2017, Highmark Interactive was created to change the paradigm of neurological testing and management. The company’s approach to brain health is focused on providing real-time data on mental health and neurological well-being to support proactive, preventative interventions.

In addition to a growing network of virtual, in-person and hybrid clinics, Highmark Interactive offers the world’s first gamified, FDA cleared software that provides virtual medical assessments of individuals’ mental, neurologic health and physiologic health. The technology is used in multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics in over 30 countries globally.

Highmark Interactive’s unique solution is revolutionizing how individuals experience brain and mental health care, as well as unlocking insight for precision medicine and creating a modern model for delivering mental health and neuro rehab services.
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