The Elephant Project to Host COVID-Safe Digital Walk on World Elephant Day, August 12

Organization Encouraging People to Take a One Mile Walk, Wherever They Are, to Raise Funds and Awareness About Threats to Elephants

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. and LOS ANGELES, Aug. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Elephant Project, a California-based organization that’s helped save over 300 elephants worldwide and educated children about the threats to these majestic creatures, will sponsor #ElephantProjectWalk, a COVID-safe, digital event on World Elephant Day, August 12, to raise funds and increase awareness about the plight of elephants.

In partnership with the social impact platform and app Cluster, The Elephant Project is encouraging people to donate, share their participation on social media and walk or run one mile with family and friends, wherever they are, on the 10th Annual World Elephant Day, a day dedicated to helping conserve and protect elephants. All funds from #ElephantProjectWalk will be donated to Trunks Up, a nonprofit organization helping critically endangered Asian elephants.

In advance of World Elephant Day, The Elephant Project and Cluster also helped launch an education campaign and video, entitled “Don’t F***ing Ride Elephants,” to promote teen awareness about elephant abuse.

“In the name of entertainment, elephants around the world are subjected to beatings, starvation and the use of bull hooks and crush boxes to break their spirits,” said Kristina McKean, The Elephant Project’s founder. “By donating to their protection and walking in solidarity with the elephants on World Elephant Day, we can demonstrate our determination to end this torture.”

McKean first witnessed this abuse during a trip to Thailand and returned to the U.S. determined to help save elephants. The Santa Barbara native founded The Elephant Project in 2017 and developed two plush elephant toys, named Kiki and Tembo (Swahili for “new life” and “elephant”). She donates 100% of net proceeds from their sale to organizations that fight poaching and provide care to injured, abused and abandoned elephants. Kiki and Tembo also come with educational materials that inform children and their parents about the importance of protecting elephants.

To purchase Kiki and Tembo, click here. To donate directly, click here.

To participate in #ElephantProjectWalk:

  • Register at or download the Cluster Social Impact Platform to sign up.
  • Walk in your community or join in-person events in Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon or Santa Barbara.
  • Win prizes, including an elephant sponsored in the winner’s name, Trunks Up merchandise and Kiki and Tembo toys, by registering the largest team.
  • Photos of McKean, Kiki, Tembo and educational materials available here.

About The Elephant Project
Founded in 2017 by Kristina McKean, The Elephant Project is a California-based organization that donates 100% of its net proceeds to helping save elephants worldwide and educating children and their parents about the threats to these majestic creatures. Through its partners, which include the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Elephant Nature Park, The Elephant Project has helped rescue and protect over 300 elephants.

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Ryan Walker

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Kristina McKean, Kiki and Tembo