122 Earn Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) in Spring 2021 Exam Period

Rockville, MD, USA, Aug. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) today announced the names of the 122 professionals who earned Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) in the most recent RAC exam period this past spring. The RAC is the leading credential for regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector.

“Congratulations to all who passed the RAC exams! It is a great accomplishment,” said RAPS Interim Executive Director Bill McMoil. “Earning the RAC demonstrates not only regulatory knowledge and critical thinking skills, but also an enduring commitment to the regulatory profession, continuous learning, and staying engaged with the global professional community.”

There are two versions of the RAC exam—one covering pharmaceutical regulations (RAC Drugs) and one focusing on regulations pertaining to medical devices (RAC Devices). Both exams test knowledge of pertinent regulations and their application in real-world scenarios. Of the 122 who passed, 57 passed the RAC Drugs exam and 65 passed the RAC Devices exam.

To maintain the credential, RAC holders are required to recertify every three years by demonstrating continuous learning, professional development, and regulatory leadership activities.

RAPS is currently accepting applications for the autumn 2021 RAC exam period, 1 November–10 December. The deadline to apply is 7 October. For more information, visit RAPS.org/rac.

Following is the complete list of those who earned the RAC credential during spring 2021.

RAC Devices

  • Mark Mortellaro
  • Xiao Huang
  • Eric Elliott
  • Jennifer Karafin
  • John Rossman
  • Andrew Frink
  • Brian Prom
  • Alison Baduel
  • Marc Bergenthal
  • Yasuhito Uemura
  • Ian Broome
  • Azeret Zuniga Morales
  • Veena Menon Kozhikote
  • Liselle Alvares
  • Jacqueline Gertz
  • Brian Rogers
  • Hilary Froman
  • Ying Lu
  • Gaurav Nandrajog
  • Gaila Balniene
  • Ryan Calabrese
  • Jennifer Topor
  • Charusheila Ramkumar
  • Chiao-Ling Hung
  • Autumn Collasius
  • J. Fox
  • Chelsea Woods
  • Jennifer Jackson
  • Taylor Gold West
  • Yaqing Tang
  • Itamar Urmann
  • Brandon Martin
  • Stanley Tan
  • Laura Lutz-Kappelman
  • Ashleigh Rickey
  • Samatha Gaddam
  • Michael Gschwandtner
  • Derry Dillon
  • Dandan Du
  • Angela Turner
  • Samir Ghevariya
  • Man Yee Wong
  • Nan Ma
  • Shrikumar Nair
  • Mary Depner
  • Liyuan Ma
  • Li-Chun Tsou
  • Qin Sun
  • Ashley Osborne
  • Nathifa Bradshaw
  • Philip Reece
  • Jie Huang
  • Antonios Kouris
  • Mattu Shivaraj
  • Kathryn Kolchinsky
  • Nicole Zuk
  • Olivia Channon
  • Sheemah Kazi
  • Peter Steed
  • Alex Bhaskarla
  • Andrew Hadd
  • Denise Wrestler
  • Kyoko Fujimoto
  • Anne Sophie Dil

RAC Drugs

  • Kate Reese
  • Cheng Chen
  • Cari Kelly-Boyd
  • Siva Kanaka Durga Maha Laxmi Mallampalli
  • Minyoung Jeong
  • Erin Coons
  • Rebecca Schell
  • Danielle Smith
  • Emily English
  • Loren Kohrs
  • Janmeet Anant
  • Yangjin Choi
  • Lisa Cherry
  • David Ranganathan
  • Michael Ablan
  • Vasantha Lakshmi Pisipati
  • Yi Wen Liu
  • Chern Fei Chai
  • Karina Sarver
  • Susan Corl
  • Mark Woods
  • Elizabeth Hoskins
  • Hongji Liu
  • Layne Chaya
  • Lina Olmos
  • Riddhi Shah
  • Tiffany Glass
  • Emily Andre
  • Lauren Xu
  • Magda Albedrop
  • Satish Sadasivan
  • Diana Guarin
  • Xiaolin Liu
  • Niral Patel
  • Carol Rochester
  • Nataliya Kochergina
  • Dachelle Johnson
  • Nai-Lin Cheng
  • Kyangjin An
  • Liping Pan
  • Millicent Sifuna
  • Madhavarao Thakallapally
  • Bledar Barci
  • Babita Misra
  • Su-Lin Lee
  • Michel Chon
  • Muhamad Alam
  • Anubhuti Bhati
  • Divya Hariharan
  • Vaishali Shah
  • Nikita Bhatnagar
  • Pankaj Bhatt
  • Chiung-Hui Hung
  • Ryan Smith

About RAPS

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is the largest global organization of and for those involved with the regulation of healthcare and related products, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biologics and nutritional products. Founded in 1976, RAPS helped establish the regulatory profession and continues to actively support the professional and lead the profession as a neutral, non-lobbying nonprofit organization. RAPS offers education and training, professional standards, publications, research, knowledge sharing, networking, career development opportunities and other valuable resources, including Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC), the only post-academic professional credential to recognize regulatory excellence. RAPS is headquartered in suburban Washington, DC, with chapters and affiliates worldwide. www.RAPS.org



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