Abusix Offers Extra Security for Ubersmith Business Management Software

Integration with leading business management software protects against cyber attacks

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With cyber attacks on the rise and an increasing concern for organizations, Ubersmith is partnering with Abusix to offer extra protection for users of Ubersmith’s business management software. Abusix has integrated its automated AbuseHQ abuse management platform with the Ubersmith software suite providing customers with full visibility to networks, including copyright infringement, malware and any other type of network abuse.

This enables Ubersmith customers to increase their security by detecting vulnerability issues, network abuse and fraud in a network quickly to dramatically decrease their legal risk and related costs of mitigating cyber attacks.

“Security is a top-of-mind concern for businesses with cyber attacks increasing exponentially,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith “With our relationship with Abusix, we’re providing a convenient way for our customers to add an extra layer of security to protect their most vital assets, as well as offer extra assurance to their customers.”

“Partnering with Ubersmith and integrating with their best-in-class software for subscription billing, infrastructure management and ticketing helps us with our company’s vision of protecting networks and providing a better and safer internet to the world,” said Tobias Knecht, founder and CEO of Abusix.

Ubersmith customers, which include internet service providers (ISPs), telcos, data centers, cloud, hosting and SaaS providers of all sizes, can easily set up a “walled garden” for any accounts that are compromised with the ability to notify customers and prove network abuse in court, as well as customize any type of measurements that are required by local laws or company policies.

By fully automating security and abuse workflows, AbuseHQ increases productivity, communication, and dramatically improves network security while lowering support costs. AbuseHQ provides enterprises with the ability to quickly put measures in place to protect their company against lawsuits and improve their safe harbor position.

Pricing for adding Abusix security depends on the scope of the project. The integration with Ubersmith is part of Abusix’s vision of serving a broader audience of customers who might not have been able to have access to an abuse management platform until now because of price constraints.

Ubersmith is a leading subscription business management software company that delivers mission-critical capabilities for billing, device management, support tickets and customer relationship management to cloud, data center, SaaS and other organizations. The open and scalable software suite serves as the central nervous system for its customers’ operations.

Ubersmith enables recurring and usage-based billing, including turnkey billing for cloud services, bandwidth, virtualization, backup, power, support and more. The platform offers more than 100-plus built-in software, hardware and service integrations as well as a plugin system and application programming interface (API) for further customization and integration.

Last month, Ubersmith was acquired by Lumine Group, becoming part of its network of communications and media software businesses.

About Ubersmith

Ubersmith is a leader in subscription management software for the cloud. Headquartered in New York, Ubersmith provides billing, infrastructure and ticketing solutions that are open, scalable and integrated. Organizations worldwide rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers and better run their businesses. Ubersmith customers include DataBank, Endurance, Grafana, Namecheap, NS1, T5 and WOW. For more, please visit https://ubersmith.com.

About Abusix

Abusix provides the missing piece in today’s network security environment that allows for quick and reliable mitigation of network abuse and other cyber threats. Hundreds of ISPs, telcos, cloud and hosting providers and enterprises rely on Abusix to keep their networks secure and their users safe. Learn more at abusix.com or connect via Twitter, LinkedIn or the Abusix blog.


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